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Valencia CF vs Celtic

Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

Fase Ascenso VCF Mestalla - Matchday 2 - 11/06/2017 19:00h

Real Murcia 0
0 Valencia Mestalla
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VCF Mestalla claim goalless draw at Nueva Condomina and go through to the final round of the promotion play-offs

Juny, 11 2017 -

VCF Mestalla play out to a goalless draw and go through to the final round of the promotion play-offs.

It’s a draw that feels like a win for VCF Mestalla (0-0) which have no limits and are in the thick of the battle for promotion to Segunda division. Curro Torres side claimed a valuable draw away at Murcia and will play the final round of the promotion play-offs.

The game saw a high tempo at both ends with both teams trying to settle into the game so much so, that the first chance of the game fell to Nacho Gil from the right wing that went off target.

The first meainingful chance for VCF Mestalla came with 20 minutes on the clock with a great  Eugeni double chance who  had a one on one situation with the keeper who  kept it out as Real Murcia were looking for an immediate response to VCF Mestalla attack, but a well-positioned backline stopped Real Murcia’s wave of attack.

The first half finished goalless with nothing to separate the sides and all to play for in the second half.

A much spirited VCF Mestalla came out in the second half looking to break the deadlock. Rafe Mir came close to opening the scoring as he galloped down the right wing and hit powerful strike that rattled the upright and forced the kepper into a full stretch.

Real Murcia were looking to hit on the counter and their best chance  came on 51 minutes  with a  shot from point-blank range that forced  Sivera into a double save in what was the best stop of the match.

In the closing minutes of the game the tension retched up as Murcia needed a goal to go through but VCF showed their play-off mettle hanging on and witdstanding Real Murcia’s suffocating pressure. With only ten minutes of normal time left to play substitute Adida enjoyed a cross-strike but the kepper managed to turn it behind. The full-time whistle was blown with nothing to separate the sides.

VCF Mestalla clinched a valuable draw away at Murcia, which means that the promotion dream is still on for VCF Mestalla who keep on breaking records and outplaying themselves and showing their promotion mettle.

Match details:

0. VCF Mestalla: Antonio Sivera, Nacho Vidal, Lato, Zotko, Charlie, Gregorio, Nacho Gil, Quim ©, Rafa Mir (Jordi, min.79), Eugeni (Javi Jiménez, min. 86) and Alberto (Aridai, min. 69).

0. Real Murcia CF: Simón, Juanjo (Cruz, min. 62), Pumar ©, Golo, Josema, David Sánchez, Rayco (Saura, min. 68), Armando, Guardiola, Víctor Curto and Benito (Elady, min.55)

Referee: Sebastián Ripoll Solano, showed yellow card to Pumar (min. 53), aCruz (min.70), a Guardiola (min. 78) and Sánchez (min.85).  Nacho Gil (min. 59) and Quim (min.76) for VCF Mestalla.

Observations: Second leg of the second round of the promotion play-offs to Segunda Division played at Nueva Condomina in front of 23,000 spectators.