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Junio, 12 2017

“Marcelino is the perfect coach for Valencia CF”

One of Valencia fans’ most loved players, David Villa, has been interviewed by en.valenciacf.com, who took advantage of the Club’s visit to the USA for the official opening of the VCF Academy in New York. Currently playing at New York City, we spoke with the forward about our team’s current situation, and he underlined that Marcelino, who he knows well, “is the perfect coach for Valencia CF; to get VCF back to where they belong. He’s a coach with a lot of character and he’s always been successful wherever he’s coached, so I’m certain he’ll do the same at Valencia too.”

  • What do you think about the opening of the Valencia CF football schools in the USA?

“I think it’s really good. I think Valencia are a world renowned club, they’re loved around the world, and I reckon being able to open football schools so that kids have the chance to get closer to such a big club is a fantastic initiative.”

  • Will coming to the USA to open Academies help Valencia CF become better known and forge a brand?

“Yes, of course, I think it’s one of the aims, but I’d say that more than being recognised on an international level, it’s about giving fans the chance to get much closer to Valencia CF.”

  • Is there passion and talent for football amongst the American kids? Do you think that in the future we could see North Americans playing in Spain or at Valencia CF?

“Yes, there’s definitely passion, I think football is the no.1 sport in the world. In the USA there are still sports which are bigger but increasingly they want to play football, they want to enjoy this beautiful game, and I’m convinced that in the future our sport will be number one here, like it is around the world.

  • Do you follow Valencia CF from New York?

“Of course, I follow all my ex-teams, I have a lot of affection for all of them, and obviously that’s especially so in the case of Valencia CF. I was there for a long time, I like to keep up to date on them, I really enjoy watching them win, I suffer a lot when they lose, I’m the same as any other person who loves a club like Valencia.”

  • You know Marcelino well, what do you think of his appointment?

“Yes, I know Marcelino well, he was my coach when I started out in Sporting’s B team. I see him as a friend, we’ve bumped into each other a lot of times during our careers. I think he’s the perfect coach for Valencia CF; to get VCF back to where they belong. He’s a coach with a lot of character and he’s always been successful wherever he’s coached, so I’m certain he’ll do the same at Valencia too.”

  • Does Marcelino’s style suit Valencia? How would you define it?

“I think Marcelino’s style fits every style, at every club. He’s a coach who’s had so much success, he’s really good, a great coach, and when you’re good and you do things well it’s difficult for your style not to fit at a club. I think right now Valencia CF need something to spur them on, and I think Marcelino has got what it takes to give Valencia a new look and get back to the top, where they always have been.”

  • How does it feel, while you’re still playing, to be one the players that Valencia CF fans love the most?

“It gives me a lot of pleasure seeing all the affection I receive every day on social media, and when I’ve been able to get over to Valencia, all the people in Valencia show me a lot of affection too, for me it’s a real honour. It makes me think that I did good things there during those five years and the fans still have me in their hearts. I have a lot of feelings for them too, both for the Club and for the fans, because without them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did there.”

  • Watching on from Valencia, New York City seem like a big club who are doing things well, with Villa as their captain. Is everything going as well as it seems to be?

“We’re really very happy with the effect New York City are having both on a national level and an international level. It’s our third season and the club are working really hard to become better known around the world; we’re very happy that everything is going so well despite the fact that we’re such a young club. It’s great being captain here, things are going well for me individually as well as for the group, I really can’t complain. I’m really happy, let’s hope we can keep on like this for a long time.”