Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Junio, 16 2017

Valencia CF will visit Werder Bremen on the 5th of August

Marcelino's side will travel to Germany to face the team who finished 8th in the Bundesliga, as part of their preseason preparations

Valencia CF will play a preseason friendly against Bundesliga side Werder Bremen on the 5th of August at 6pm. The match will be played at the Weser Stadion, which has a 42,000 capacity. The two teams face each other again in a preseason friendly after the game played in July, 2015 (0-0), and it is a reminder of a memorable game in the 2010 UEFA Europa League, in which Valencia CF made it through to the quarter-finals by knocking out Werder Bremen with a 4-4 draw in Germany.