Valencia CF vs Huesca

Dec, 23 / 12:00 Matchday 17

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Juny, 27 2017

Rafael and Amalia, the charming grandparents who helped Carlos Soler to become a footballer

When Carlos used to go down to the little park in Benicalap with his grandmother every afternoon, where he divided his attention between chocolate spread sandwiches and whacking balls against the wall, the last thing he could have imagined was that he would go on to become a professional footballer and that he would play in a Euro u21s Championships.In fact, his grandfather Rafael had to offer him a special present in order to convince him to enrol in his first team, Bonrepós. Grandfather and grandson, along with Carlos' big brother, Álex, would go there in an old van, listening to a tape of old Arévalo jokes.He soon received the call to play for the Club he supported, after having scored a hat-trick against them. It was the era of the "Double", which Carlos proudly experienced wearing his Club tracksuit and getting photos with Mista, Baraja...He experienced it along with his family, just as he's lived everything since he started kicking a ball around with them. With a nice Valencian baked rice on a Thursday, surrounded by his grandparents, parents and brother, the great moments tasted even better.