Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Julio, 25 2017

Marcelino: "We got back to being strong in defence"

Marcelino speaks after the win against FC Cincinnati (0-2)

"The main thing is that we got back to being strong in defence. We barely allowed the other team any chances to score. We were much better organised as a team than in the game two days ago.

In attack we were more cohesive too but that’s also because, even though it was played on artificial turf which makes it harder for us to put our moves together, the ball moved across the pitch better than in the previous game. Above all, we didn’t picked up any new injuries, which was the most important thing to take from the game.

Now we’ll return to Spain, and try to get over the jet lag as quickly as possible, and we´ll be working on the players’ recovery, because the change of playing surface and hardly having trained in five or six days…well it’s something we accept. Now it’s time to get back on track with the work we’ve been doing.

Without doubt, it just goes to show the greatness of this Club, so we are going to try to work hard to take Valencia CF back where the Club belongs, where it has been throughout most of its history."