Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Agosto, 09 2017

Makarthy will dress Valencia CF in the 17/18 season

The Spanish menswear label, Makarthy, will provide the team with their official suits and casual wear, which the first team will wear for the first time in their visit to the Basilica this Wednesday.


Makarthy, a renowned Spanish menswear label, will be responsible for dressing the Valencia CF first team after reaching a commercial agreement for this season. This Wednesday, the first team squad will don Makarthy’s casual look in their customary start of season visit to Valencia’s Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados.

Oscar Olivas, Makarthy CEO, stated that “We’re proud to dress a club which is as important as Valencia CF”, adding that while this agreement strengthens Makarthy’s position in Valencia, where they already had a presence, it was “Valencia CF’s values, history and the current project which convinced us to sign this agreement”.

Jorge García, Valencia CF head of Marketing, Commercial and Fan Area, underlined the fact that “the commitment made by this Spanish company to Valencia CF represents the joining together of values that both brands share: ambitious, classic, and at the same time always striving for the best for the future”.

The casual look, which will be worn for the first time today in the visit to the Basilica, consists of high quality iconic garments, a classically inspired line with a fresh touch, with modern and urban brush strokes. Makarthy have also designed a suit for more formal occasions, but with a contemporary air.

About Makarthy:

Makarthy are a nationally renowned Spanish menswear label. Makarthy’s style is casual and suits men of all ages, as it is based on “a fresh take on a classic look”. The company have a track record of sponsoring various football clubs, as well as several collaborations in motorsport and television programmes.

“Makarthy, for the Restless Man”. A concept which defines Makarthy.