Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Septiembre, 11 2017

Defensive work bares fruit

Since 2008, Valencia CF have not  kept a clean sheet in their first two LaLiga matches at Mestalla,

One of the goals set by the coaching staff  in preseason was to reduce the number of goals conceded, after finishing the previous course with 65 goals conceded. They have wanted to change the defensive concepts, both collectively and individually. And the collective work of the whole team, from the first line of pressure made by the most offensive players to the goalkeeper, is beginning to bear fruit.

Since 2008, Valencia CF  have not  a clean sheet in their first two LaLiga matches at Mestalla, as has happened in the current year after beating UD Las Palmas (1-0) and draw against Atletico. "In Mestalla we have to make a fort," said Marcelino in front of the peñistas last Thursday, knowing that the teams that occupy the high part concede few goals. And that is the way. After the first three days, Valencia CF is the fourth team less thrashing. LaLiga has only just begun, but the results indicate that they are on the right track.

The whole team is making defensive tasks to reduce the opponent's chances, as happened before Atletico Madrid. 13 crosess into the area, only two could be finished by the strikers of the rivals, out of the five faults they failed to head home. A defensive fortress due to  the work of the whole team.

In the first three days of the LaLiga championship, Marcelino has aligned three different defensive lines, a reflection that defensive concepts are assimilating the whole group well above the individualities. The remarkable improvement that  Valencia CF are showing in defensive tasks, also begins to take shape when leaving with the ball played from behind to start the attack.The team comes up on the ball playing it up field.