Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Septiembre, 13 2017

A squad made in Valencia

Marcelino has up to eight Valencian players from VCF Academy: Gayà, Jaume, Carlos Soler, Lato, Nacho Gil, Nacho Vidal, Robert and Javi Jiménez

The Valencian derby against Levante UD next Saturday will have a special meaning for the eight players on the ground who exercise under the orders of Marcelino García Toral. And is that Valencia CF 2017-18 stands out for the large number of Valencian players and trained in the VCF Academy, more than a third of the squad, a circumstance especially outstanding this season. Up to a total of eight players, who have to join the young international Álex Centelles,  presence in the first team, making up the powerful and most promising Valencian DNA of VCF. In fact, of the last ten campaigns, the current one is the one that counts on the greater number of members of the VCF academy

Valencia CF has been able to reinvent itself and bet on the VCF Academy, a prolific pool of players who, in recent years and this one in particular, has been making the leap to help the first team. In this way young experienced players like Jose Luis Gayà (Pedreguer - Alicante), who celebrates his fourth campaign, and goalkeeper Jaume Doménech (Almenara - Castellón), the third, maintain their hierarchy in the squad, but have arrived powerfully midfielder Carlos Soler (Valencia) and left-back Antonio Latorre 'Lato' (La Pobla de Vallbona - Valencia), who, in addition to their role in the Mestalla team, are also members of the Spanish U21 team.

Nacho Vidal (Campello - Alicante), Nacho Gil (Valencia) and Javi Jiménez (Valencia), three great protagonists of the magnificent season of the VCF Mestalla, who was about to  win promotion to LaLiga 1.2..3. They are joined by Robert Ibáñez (Valencia), a striker affected by medical problems that have not allowed him to have continuity and that he expects his moment to consolidate definitively in the first squad. Another player Álex Centelles (Valencia) is back this season The 18-year-old Valencian just made the preseason with the first team and, to date, is a regular for Penev in the league start as s substitute.

.This massive presence of Valencians in the first team contrasts with the squad of the last season 2016-17, with only two players of the earth as Gayà and Jaume, which were joined from the winter market two players like Carlos Soler, who went on to play fluently in Voro's 'eleven', and Toni Latorre 'Lato', who made a dent in the Mestalla team in April. Alongside them were Javi Jiménez, who played both games in the Celta round tie against Celta, Nacho Gil, who played against Leganés and Alavés in the league, Andrés Pascual 'Sito', who played the last minutes in a Liga match in the Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna.

In the 2015-16 season Valencian representation corresponded to José Luis Gayà and Paco Alcácer, with the irruption of the goalie  Jaume Doménech, and with execeptional replacements  of Fran Villalba in Copa and Liga , and occasional  appearance of Tropi, Sito and Lato. In the 2014-15 season the representation of the academy  in the first squad was integrated by Paco Alcácer, Gayà and Carles Gil, to which  Robert Ibáñez and Tropi joined. A year earlier Valencia CF had Juan Bernat, Paco Alcácer, Vicente Guaita and Michel Herrero, with the birth of a boy named José Luis Gayà who made his debut in the Europa League.

It was the last season of David Albelda, the 2012-13, in which the squad also had Roberto Soldado, Vicente Guaita and Juan Bernat as Valencian bastions, and in which José Luis Gayà and Salva Ruiz premiered in match of Cup before the Llagostera. The number of players in the house decreased with respect to the previous edition, 2011-12, in which the Mestalla club had David Albelda, Roberto Soldado, Pablo Hernandez, Vicente Guaita, Angel Dealbert and Juan Bernat. They were joined by Paco Alcácer, who played three league games, two against Real Sociedad and one in the derby against Levante UD.

A year earlier, in the 2010-11 campaign, up to seven Valencian footballers made up the first black and white team: David Albelda, Vicente Rodríguez, Roberto Soldado, David Navarro, Angel Dealbert, Vicente Guaita and Pablo Hernández. Paco Alcácer, who started the Copa del Rey round of 16 against Logroñés, and Iván Rubio, who emerged in the second half, enjoyed their moment of glory in the 4-1 win at Mestalla.

Six other players from the region repeated for two consecutive campaigns: in 2009-10 were David Albelda, Vicente Rodríguez, David Navarro, Pablo Hernandez, Angel Dealbert and Michel Herrero, with the debuts of three youth players Dani Olcina (Europa League), Joel Johnson (Liga) and Manuel Lillo (Liga).