Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Octubre, 08 2017

Rubén Uría:"Our standards are humbleness and work"

"The players were good last season but they weren’t off to a good start. They were going through two tough years and they were the ones who suffered the most. This year there’s been a  complete change in the squad and the players that stayed have taken a step forward which on top of the quality and talent they possess alongside our bit, is making the team coming together quite well but we’ve  got a lot of work to do and long way ahead of us.

We found a really committed group of players especially the ones who were here last season and thanks to them the new players have adapted. We’re really happy with the group of captains and the whole group of players that we’ve got.

Our standards are the humbleness and the work we’re enjoying ourselves because we’re in a great club and we’re happy about everything around us.

It’s easier to convince a player when a coach is happy, and although you’re looking forward to achieving something great, that will come in time game by game we’re only focused on the next game. We can get 18 points in Seville and stay third in the table and that’s something to look forward to.

The fact that we’ve managed to get the fans going in such a short space of time it’s something astonishing and I encourage them to keep pushing us on welcoming us because we can see the sense of excitement and desire and as soon as you step into Mestalla you get an adrenaline rush ahead of kick-off.

These players are going to give us victories and points on more than one occasion".