Real Betis vs Valencia CF

Apr, 21 / 20:45 Matchday 33

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
October, 21 2017

Mestalla goes crazy seeing the best start of Valencia CF in its history

The best entry of the season was recorded, with 44,307 spectators

What a boat Mestalla! What a boat Mestalla! Mestalla went crazy seeing Valencia CF play their fifth consecutive victory, with which they signed the best start of their history after having played the first nine rounds of LaLiga. The team that leads Marcelino has 21 points, sealed with six wins and three draws, with 25 goals in favor and 10 against. From 1948 did not mark the equipment valencianista this number of goals in the first nine parties of the championship. And that enthusiasm conveys it with enthusiasm, to the point of putting players on the bristles.

It does not matter if the sun warms, if you had to eat quickly to be soon in the surroundings of Camp de Mestalla to receive the team ... the fans are overturned with the team. Songs, scarves in the wind, rain of papers, Avenue Sweden was crowded to receive the Valencia CF. From inside the bus, the footballers felt that force of the hundreds of Valencianistas who left their voice, some even wanted to immortalize that moment by recording it with their mobile phone. And that the coach had to wait for the withdrawal of Sevilla FC, who had arrived just minutes before. It is a unique experience that you have to live to really know what it feels like. Together we are stronger!

This Saturday at the Camp de Mestalla not only had eleven players on the pitch, the fans responded again, demonstrating that this season the effort of the team is being matched with the unconditional support of the fans. It was 12 minutes to start the duel and already began the songs in Mestalla, there was much desire to enjoy again seeing Valencia CF after the four victories in a row with which appeared in the duel. Valee, Valeeeencia, Valeeeencia ... shouted from the stand when the starting teams came out on the grass. The adrenaline was growing, but the whole stadium exploded when Simone Zaza received from the hands of Amedeo Carboni the trophy as the best player of the month of September of LaLiga, chanting his name.

The fans began to vibrate, but the best was yet to come. It was not the goal but was greatly enjoyed, so the players always felt the breath from the stand, but when Gonçalo Guedes scored 1-0, the Mestalla stadium collapsed. My Mother, what a goal! Spectacular! And the stand crazy with the goal of the Portuguese. Some were holding their hands to the head, others shouted, but happiness was full in both the players and the hobby. Mestalla could not avoid it and began to chant the name of Guedes, all in unison. Simply spectacular. As happened when the referee indicated the break: "Valeeeeencia, Valeeeeencia, Valeeeeencia ...". Illusion, happiness, being in Mestalla is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Then came another explosion of joy when Zaza scored 2-0 and the fans went crazy again from the stand, chanting the name of the Italian, who has already scored five consecutive days. But the party continued with the goals of Santi Mina and the second of Guedes. A madness that the fans closed by singing "What a boat Mestalla, that boat Mestalla!". Without doubt, a night of celebration.

The best entry of the season in Mestalla

The fans are enjoying a lot with Valencia CF and demonstrated with the best entry of the season 2017.18, registering an attendance of 44,307 spectators, thus overcoming the ambience that was experienced against Atletico.