Valencia CF vs Huesca

Dec, 23 / 12:00 Matchday 17

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
November, 01 2017

Cult heroes from Valencia CF's 'double',excited with this squad

Valencia CF cult heroes run the ran the rule over VCF's magnificent start to the season

The record-breaking Valencia CF are getting everybody going which is making the connection between the fans and the team stronger as the fixtures go by. Valencia CF’s club’s record start to the season in the history.

Rubén Baraja: “The fans relate with the team’s identity”

“They’re having a fantastic start to the season because they’re being consistent at the back and really strong in attack. This is an exciting team because the fans relate to the team’s identity.

Amedeo Carboni: “The team is transmitting enthusiasm”

“Yeah, they’re having a record-breaking start to the season… that says it all. We’re seeing an exciting opening start to the season by the way they play and the enthusiasm that the team is transmitting about themselves at the moment”.

Roberto Fabián Ayala:“Valencia CF have found their DNA in a way”

“Beyond the results that take us to a great position they’re not easy to take,  I think that Valencia CF have  found their DNA in a way, their competitive style and the way to face every game. Sometimes results won’t go our way but it will surely get you closer to the aim. The excitement is all around the stadium from the pitch to the stands which is what a team must generate amongst the fans”.

Vicente Rodríguez:” The fans are believing in Valencia CF back again”

“Seeing Valencia CF high up the table back again gets me really excited, it’s been a long time since Valencia CF transmitted this good feeling. We’ve been through a tough period so now it’s time to enjoy ourselves with the team, their ambition, competitive edge. We must continue being humble without backing down and taking it game by game. It’s the best way of having our feet on the ground and keeping this work-rate going. The fans are believing in Valencia CF back again and that’s thanks to this magnificent squad and their coaching staff”.

Miguel Á. Ferrer Mista: “Seeing the table gets you brimming with excitement”

“Seeing the table gets you brimming with excitement, but we must stay calm. There’s a great atmosphere within the team and that’s the team’s building block. For me it’s the first miracle that Marcelino has worked. When we won the LaLiga trophy back in 2001 we started off as underdogs and in that regard this squad have a lot of similarities, keeping a low profile and taking it game by game with humbleness. We must keep our feet on the ground and focus on Saturday’s clash against CD Leganés”.

Juan Sánchez:  “Valencia CF can compete against any opposition”

“It’s a promising start which is something we haven’t seen in years. This side have clear ideas and is really well-drilled. Valencia CF get us really excited because both the players and the manager are really committed with the Club, now we can see that they can compete against any opposition”.

Jorge López: “It’s been a long time since Valencia CF had this rapport with the fans"

It’s a stunning start to the season. It’s really exciting because it been a long time since Valencia CF had this rapport with the fans. They’re looking like a rounded and well-drilled side”.