Valencia CF vs Huesca

Dec, 23 / 12:00 Matchday 17

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
November, 24 2017

Anil Murthy: “Jaume Ortí was really esteemed by everybody, a huge loss for everyone”

Valencia CF chairman offered his condolences to Jaume Ortí’s family with which he spoke on Friday evening to give them his deepest condolences and will do it again personally at the funeral.

"During my relationship with Jaume  Ortí I shared moments with a really good person who was really friendly and he came across to me as  a really close person, really esteemed by the fans . I know he epitomised the closeness and the rapport alongside a hugely successful sporting era with two league trophies a UEFA Cup and a European Super cup a spell where Valencia CF were the best club in the world which deserves a lot of credit and admiration from everyone.  We’ll try to work hard in order to bring back that era and hail that successful era some day. He was a really good person; it’s a huge loss for everyone”.

Valencia CF captain Dani Parejo, pointed out that “It’s sad to see him go this way he ,was a really kind  and honourable man.  I bumped into him on many occasions at the stadium, he always had a smile on his face and cheerful. He had a magnificent spell as president who will always be remembered as a healthy, honourable and humble man who showed the kind of person he was. Whenever I was with him he was really positive through hard times and with a smile on. I like to hobnob with people like him, always looking on the bright side to improve”.