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Dec, 23 / 12:00 Matchday 17

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December, 02 2017

Anil Murthy: “Now we are stronger”

During the annual volunteers’ Christmas dinner at Mestalla, the club president thanked them for their efforts and praised the fans

Valencia fans have started to enjoy going to Mestalla again this season, with their amazing level of support remaining consistent game after game, regardless of who their team face on the pitch. More than 26,000 fans turned out to watch the Copa del Rey game against Real Zaragoza on Thursday, and as well as those who play out under the floodlights, 100 volunteers played a vital role in making everybody feel right at home.

Club president Anil Murthy and senior advisor Kim Huat Koh attended the annual Christmas meal, which is held at Mestalla for those who help out. The pair wanted to share an evening with the volunteers to listen to their concerns and suggestions, but also to thank them for the great work that they do for the club. Anil stressed this especially in his speech on Friday night.

“I want to give my thanks to a very important group of people: the volunteers. At every game at Mestalla, more than 100 of you ensure that our fans get into the stadium safely and without any problems. It is a very important job that can go unnoticed, which is understandable as the fans are nervous to watch the match, but it is held in the highest regard by the club as we know how important your contributions are.

“This year we are seeing a huge number of fans coming back. This Thursday, at 21:30 in the evening against Zaragoza, more than 26,000 fans turned up. This support is amazing, and I believe that the fans are well behind both the coach and the team. Now, the club is stronger than ever, and this means that your work will be even more important. From everyone at the club, we thank you. Merry Christmas!”