Valencia CF vs Huesca

Dec, 23 / 12:00 Matchday 17

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
December, 14 2017

Mateu Alemany: “I want to give my thanks to the fans for their great support”

Mateu Alemany talked through the present situation at the club

Valencia CF general director Mateu Alemany gave a press conference this Thursday in the club’s Media Centre at Paterna. Plenty of media were present to hear about the current situation at the club.

More fans in Mestalla

“There have been two fundamental changes. The fanbase have come back to help us out at Mestalla and they identify with how the team plays. Everything is much more stable now that the fans are happy and the team have noticed this and they have connected with the fans. I think that it has been very important, and thus one of our aims has been met. I want to give my thanks to the fans for how they are supporting the players.”

Winter transfer window

“The club is compelled to be involved in this market and it is normal that there are names, calls, consultations and interest… In the winter market there are some things that are clear, we are not planning on bringing in a player without looking at the long term, not just one for six months. If this were to happen, it would have the summer in mind. We have this very clear between the board, the coach and myself. We are very happy with what we have and it is not easy to improve or match the level of quality in this squad.

"We aren’t in a rush, it is possible that we will stay as we are and that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it is possible that there will be a signing. We won’t be forgetting about our youth academy, which the boss has a lot of belief in. I want to congratulate the team and the training staff for their work and commitment. They will play well, worse, they will draw, win and lose games, but all of them will give their all. This is of great satisfaction to me and they deserve it. It is true that January is full of league and cup games, but this team has shown its potential until now to compete. The winter market, from my experience, is not always a good thing. I repeat, we don’t have any need to rush.”

Summer transfer window

Kondogbia: “We have an option to buy that is already settled with Inter Milan, and we're ready to pay should Valencia CF want to do so. The player himself has also agreed the conditions of this new deal with the club. It is something we will keep an eye on and Valencia CF are free to make the decision, I believe that it will be taken in May. Due to this, there’s no rush."

Pereira: “His future depends on Manchester United and I don’t have any news about the fact that he could return there in January. We are very happy with him.”

Guedes: “There are still seven months ahead where he is a Valencia CF player, and we are very happy with him. We will have to see what will happen with him when the summer comes around, but nothing has been decided.”

Rober Ibanez: "We have been talking with his agents for a while, he is a player that we want to give more minutes to, he had an injury and he needs consistency. The aim right now is to search for a solution that works well for him. Firstly personally, and then in a sporting sense.”

Ferran Torres: “He is training with the first team and he plays with the B team if he isn’t picked for the full squad. We will wait and see how he develops and what events unfold.”

José Luis Gayà: “He is one of the captains, he is a very important player for the club on both a personal and sporting level. He is very involved in the project and he is loved here. I hope that he will spend a lot of time with us.”

New stadium

“If everything goes as planned, the paperwork for it has started to be changed compared to the initial project. This paperwork is part of a slow process and there is nothing new to say.”

LaLiga matchday times

“Nowadays, the timetables change according to the television companies that pay the money to the clubs. If we want to take this money, we cannot complain. I personally would like Sundays at 17:00 every week, but the majority of income for clubs comes from television companies. There is nothing against Valencia CF. All of the clubs can complain, it is tough to make everyone happy. There are teams in the Europa League that play on a Thursday, they arrive very late and then they have to play on Sunday at midday - and they complain too. Unfortunately, the people will have to adapt to these new timetables. A Saturday night at 21:00 in the winter is a bad time.”

VCF Ladies

“Our degree of involvement with them is at its highest. Talking about it and criticising is free to do. When you see the numbers involved, you will see the commitment from us. The offer from the club is on the table. When this was put to us by the courts, we replied in writing and I haven’t seen anything about it since. Our position is unquestionable both in the present and the future.”

Aims of VCF

“It is in our history that we don’t give up on anything. Our next big task is against Eibar, which is going to be a really tough game, one of the most difficult of the year. This is the horizon that we’re currently looking at. This is how Marcelino is planning to go about it, to go day by day and game by game.”