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Dec, 23 / 12:00 Matchday 17

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
December, 15 2017

Anil Murthy attended the club’s Footballers’ Association Christmas dinner

Valencia CF’s president went along to the event to ensure that days gone by in the club's history are always remembered

Valencia CF president Anil Murthy headed along to the club’s Footballers’ Association Christmas dinner this Friday, where more than 100 ex-players gathered for the annual event. Firstly, best wishes were sent to Pepe Vaello, who was absent while he recovers from illness: “the history of Valencia CF is still alive, thanks to you who have helped to contribute to the club.”

Next, Murthy wanted to highlight the role that the Association plays, which the club works with in a constructive manner, “to help us with the club’s centenary would also be a great commemoration for all that you have done to make the club as big as it has become. The work of the Association, which I value highly, should be cared for and recognised as it deserves to be due to those who have given so many years of effort to the club.”

Accompanied by the president of the Association itself, Fernando Giner, Anil Murthy recalled that, “Valencia CF will always be there for you, listen to you all, and respect you all for what you have done and what you continue to do. Sticking together is a strong demonstration of the fact that the history of the club is still alive and we are proud of our past. This is the foundation for you to help your club to build a future, that hopefully will be even better.”

To finish off, the club president gave festive wishes to all of those in attendance, sharing his hopes for all that 2018 will be a year full of “good health and good results.”

Fernando Giner thanked Anil Murthy for his presence at the Association’s dinner, and first-team players Jose Luis Gaya and Jaume Domenech also went along.