Real Betis vs Valencia CF

Apr, 21 / 20:45 Matchday 33

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
December, 21 2017

Anil Murthy: “The peñas and their members are important for Valencia CF”

The Valencia CF president, Anil Murthy, attended the Christmas dinner of the Association of Valencia Peñas, to see off 2017. He greeted all of the members present one by one, listening to their concerns, sharing a moment together… because as the president said, “the peñas and their members are important for Valencia CF”.

Anil Murthy recalled that over the last year he would travel with the team to places all over Spain and “there are always Valencia fans at the games. The peñas and their members in Eibar, in Sevilla, in Bilbao… they are always there, whether we’re second, third of 12th in the table, the clubs wants to support that. In my speech on July 1st I said that the club wanted to speak directly to the fans, with the peña members, because it’s normal that those who live far from Valencia aren’t socios, but they go to the games and they help both the Association and the club. The club wants to do that directly with the peña members, but we never forget the Association. The processes are going to change, but we have to understand that the peñas and their members are important and the Association is going to help us speak directly to the fans”.

Before concluding, the club president congratulated Blas Madrigal and his fellow directors, for wanting to help the club speak directly to the fans. “The Association is going to help the club speak with all the fans” said Anil Murthy, before wishing all the peña members a Merry Christmas.

Blas Madrigal: “The Association will never be against Valencia CF”

As for the president of the Association of Peñas, he thanked the president for attending the Christmas dinner, before saying that “the Association will never be against Valencia CF, it can’t be like a father and son at the dinner table not talking, we are part of the same family and what’s important is to keep making it bigger. The Association is going to have the support that the Club needs, and we’re going to work to make Valencia CF even greater. Valencianismo is about love, loving the crest, loving the club and loving our colleagues. Valencianismo isn’t about hate, we don’t want any of that, we may have our differences, but we’re clear that we’re all about one feeling and that feeling is love”.