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Jan, 22 / 21:30 Matchday 8

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January, 02 2018

Andreas Pereira: “The Copa del Rey is a chance for us to win a trophy”

The VCF youngster will cross paths with Paco Jemez once again, the coach that gave him his LaLiga debut

There are moments that stick with a footballer, coaches that they always remember due to how they marked out their career. For Andreas Pereira, one of those men is Paco Jemez. He gave him his LaLiga debut for Granada versus Las Palmas, and as he recalls when speaking to VCFplay, “it was a special memory.”

“I have the shirt from that game saved, along with those that I’ve swapped with other players, and I always have this game in my mind.” It wasn’t too long ago that they shared a dressing room together, though it was only for six games, but it was enough for Andreas to be left with a good lasting impression.

How do you feel about meeting Paco Jemez again?

“For me, it is special to play against and see the coach thatbrought me to Granada. He is a very good coach, he always wants to play out from the back and I also like him as a person, he is going to do well at Las Palmas.”

Is he as demanding as he seems?

“Yeah, he wants the players to do things perfectly, down to the finest details.”

Is he similar to Marcelino?

“There are differences, but they are two coaches that demand a lot. Everyone has their own different idea of how to play, but both of them want their players to do everything well and they are very professional.”

How did he help you to improve?

“When he spoke with me, he would say that I had to score goals and make assists, and it went well. I keep listening to people that know a lot about football and I try to make the best of it.”

Valencia CF are coming into the Copa del Rey with a lot of excitement…

“I think that it is a chance to win a trophy, the goal is closer and you can achieve it in less games. At the same time, it is more difficult if lose a game away from home, but we have to come into the game with a lot of intensity and the confidence that we can do everything very well."

Could their change of coach make them more dangerous?

“It could change things, and the player will be a little more concentrated on playing well, but we are prepared and have been training hard. We are excited to start the year with a win.”

Between the team and the fans, you’ve created a great bond...

“Yeah, it is important, we get a lot of confidence from the fans. We are very happy and in the last match in LaLiga versus Villarreal CF we were unlucky, but if we play like this then the results are going to come and we are going to win.”