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Dec, 23 / 12:00 Matchday 17

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
January, 11 2018

Coquelin: “Valencia CF is an excellent club and I won’t regret coming here”

Francis Coquelin has become Valencia CF’s second signing of the winter transfer window, with the club still pushing on with its goal of making Marcelino’s first-team squad as competitive as possible. Club president Anil Murthy welcomed the French midfielder at his first press conference, explaining that Valencia CF “are working with a clear idea in mind: to be alert in the market to reinforce this great squad, which is already offering great performances with high-quality players, players who are committed and have the ambition to triumph at Valencia. With Coquelin, just like Vietto, these are players that are arriving with a hunger and the aim of improving how competitive the team is, within a project that is very ambitious.”

Coquelin will wear the number 17 shirt this season. After watching a compilation of his best moments, he answered questions in front of the media at the club’s Media Center at Paterna.

Did you speak with Marcelino before signing for Valencia CF?

“Marcelino did call me, he told me that there was a chance to come to Valencia CF. At my age, I need an interesting long-term project, and when he gave me the option to sign outright I liked it.”

What did Gabriel Paulista tell you about the club, as you played with him at Arsenal?

“I know Gabriel, I also spoke with Mustafi and other Spanish players like Bellerin and Monreal. The player that I spoke to most was Cazorla, who had worked with Marcelino and all of the feedback that I received was positive.”

The referees let less go than in England, could this be a problem?

“I will adapt to the league. In England it is a harder game than in LaLiga, but the president has already told me this and it won’t be a problem. I am not trying to negatively affect the team.”

How would you define yourself as a player?

“I would consider myself a defensive midfielder, who puts winning the ball back first. I also like to have the ball, but my first port of call is to defend. This summer there was an interest, but I only had playing for Arsenal and doing things well in my mind. Now that Valencia CF remained interested in me, I regret not coming sooner.”

You say that speaking with Cazorla was key, what did he say?

“He told me that Valencia CF is an excellent club, that I wouldn’t regret coming, and that Marcelino is a great person and a great coach. I respect and trust Cazorla’s word a lot, and it was a plus point for me deciding to sign for Valencia CF.”

The club’s signings have been doing very well, is it a challenge? Could you play on Saturday?

“I know what club I am coming in to, and I know where I have arrived. The players are of a high quality, this isn’t something that puts pressure on me. I am ready to play if the coach needs me on Saturday.”