Valencia CF vs Huesca

Dec, 23 / 12:00 Matchday 17

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
January, 13 2018

Marcelino: “The team are competitive, they’re winners and getting 40 points makes us proud”

Marcelino spoke to the media in the Riazor press room, after Valencia CF had got back to winning ways, having not been able to get the points in their two previous away games.

You got an important win to consolidate your position in the Champions League places.

We knew it was going to be a difficult game, Deportivo play well in attack, they played offensively and I think we defended well. The team was solid and committed, we knew the importance of defending well to win. It got difficult, but we resolved the game well, we were lucky with the first goal, I think that from the 20th minute onwards we were good, against an opponent that started at high intensity and dominated us, but we defended well and slowly we took control and scored the first goal.

You seemed to have the game under control, but the last few minutes were crazy.

Yes, from the 87th minute when we conceded the goal, Deportivo committed a lot of players upfield, they had four or five in attack, and with a second ball from the set piece they could have equalised. Before that we had options for hitting them on the break, and before the 1-2 there was a move when Zaza shot and that could have been the third goal. This is LaLiga, it’s tremendously competitive, but for us it was important to win and it was difficult too, but to get 40 points and we’ve broken that negative Dynamic after two away defeats.

What did you think of Coquelin?

He asked to be substituted with cramp, it’s normal after a busy few days, he hasn’t been playing much and he was really good, he showed good judgement on the ball and he was good in defence.

Would you like Maksimovic to stay?

Maksimovic is a young guy and has a lot of quality, I’m really happy for him, he’s a good example for a lot of people of how you win things. In addition, he played in a new position for him, he was confident he could do well, and I’m really happy with his attitude and he’s enjoying the fruits of his hard work in recent months. I’d like Maksimovic to stay, but I also don’t want to prejudge anything, we’ll talk at the right time, if he stays it will be great for us because he keeps performing better all the time.

Are you worried that Guedes keeps being fouled?

He’s a quick, incisive player, good with the ball and opponents try to stop him. Deportivo didn’t play violently, the rain on the pitch led to collisions and falls, but generally and with intensity, they played well without trying to hurt anyone. He’s a powerful player and hard to stop when running with the ball.

It’s the team’s second best ever first half of the season, getting 40 points.

We should all be proud and happy with the players, in August there were some doubts, but the team has got stronger, it’s competitive, a winning team, committed… 40 points are a lot and we’re proud.

Can we say the target is to qualify for the Champions League?

The idea is to enjoy this win, we end as we started, winning, and we’re also excited about the Cup. With all respect to Alavés, we want to qualify for the semi-finals and get better as a team. If we are, we’ll be closet o the position we’re in now, we can’t get ahead of ourselves and talk about hugely difficult objectives.