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Valencia CF vs Celtic

Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
January, 19 2018

Marcelino: “We want to compete at the highest level from the first to the last minute, we will only win this way”

Marcelino spoke to the media at the club’s Media Center on Friday afternoon, ahead of Saturday evening’s match against UD Las Palmas (20:45CET), where Valencia CF will be hunting for another three points.

This is going to be your third game against UD Las Palmas this season already, are you expecting a different game?

“It will be a different game, for those their priority is the league rather than the cup, they are playing at home with saving themselves from relegation in mind. They have to win as quickly as possible, they are going to come out at us and that is how they cause teams problems. Confidence isn’t as good when you have to travel, and with utmost respect, we want to play at the highest level until the 90th minute, because we will only win this way, and that is what we want to do.”

How important is playing with intensity?

“Nowadays, football is extremely competitive and we have to try to not give the opposition chances to win, we have to match their intensity and concentration, and from there we can play our game. We come here during a season where we are winning a lot, they means we are mentally strong in games and we go out with the will to win, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. What happens in the early minutes doesn’t only affect us, we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again and that we play with mental strength both win and without the ball. As much when we are attacking and defending, this is how will we be able to beat Las Palmas.”

With the result in the cup, will there be rotations for LaLiga?

“We will use the eleven that works best with the players that we have available, and our collective strength will all go towards trying to win the game, we can’t think about the next one. Therefore, we will only win if we focus all of our attention on this game, while having respect to our opponent. I am sure that we will go through tough spells in the game, it is difficult to dominate for 90 minutes and to be superior to your opponent. We have to be concentrated, intense and not allow our opponent to get on top of us.”

How will you manage the midfield without Parejo?

“We have three central midfielders, and with the arrival of Coquelin we now another. Parejo is very important for us, but we have already played without him and I believe that the team are well-versed enough both defensively and offensively to deal with the absence of a great player. We are also missing Gaya due to suspension. We have enough ability to put together a very competitive team that is capable of beating Las Palmas.”

What have you said to the playing after analysing the game versus Deportivo Alaves?

“In the first half, we weren’t at our level and I intend for that not to happen again. We will work on it, to always play at our highest level, to be a competitive side, it is clear that our opponent made things difficult and we will find a way to come into the game where our opposition doesn’t believe they can create opportunities.”

Have you toned down your anger from the first half against Alaves?

“At the time I was sad about the first half, but happy about the second, if you take away the second bit it would be a bad thing, but I said that I was very happy with the reaction of the team. I went over it all again, I never said that the team had a bad attitude, I was the one responsible for the first half. I also said that it is difficult to maintain the same performance level across 90 minutes every game. We have two competitions to play in, it isn’t the same as having one, there are players that will play a lot and this affects them physically and mentally, which every player will come across in one way or another.”

“The fact that it seemed as though we would be in the semi finals when the draw was made was not only something that was felt in the dressing room, but in general between us, you and the fans. I used my humbleness, I don’t ever like to forget them, I prefer that every day we go into training or games with this attitude of respect and to want to improve, to not consider ourselves to be better than anybody else, because if you do that you’re on the path to going wrong. I try to avoid this situation, but there will be moments where we aren’t at our top level, but I will try and make sure that we are. In no way have I taken back my message about the other day, because it wasn’t aggressive, it was talking about facts.”

Against Deportivo Alaves, they committed 27 fouls, 18 of these in the first half. How can you avoid this?

“There is an official that has to know if he is stopping the game constantly. We don’t choose, the referee does, we will try to play quicker, it isn’t in our hands to change this situation.