Valencia CF vs Manchester United

Dec, 12 / 21:00 Matchday 6

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
February, 09 2018

Marcelino: “We are so grateful to the fans, their support was extraordinary”

Marcelino spoke to the media in the press room, after the game against FC Barcelona.

Was finishing the difference in this tie?

They were better overall, we had our chances and we were right in the tie, we made a good go of it. In the first half we deserved to equalise, we didn’t, and their goal at the start of the second half tipped the tie in their favour. We know it’s hard to get the ball off of Barça, but we competed well with them, we’re not at their level and we have to keep working and growing to get closer.

The team competed until the end, what is worse, the physical consequences or the morale after six consecutive defeats?

Without any doubt the physical. When we drew FC Barcelona we knew it was going to be difficult to get to the final, but we had hope. The three changes were forced, by injury. We have to try to overcome this from a physical point of view, numerically we’ve lost six games; two were against Barça in the cup, one against Atletico when we almost drew and one against Real Madrid when we competed too. We’re not far off our opponents, but it’s not quite enough, more so when the games add up and with midweek matches. There’s no doubt, I’m proud of how the team competed in this tie and during the season. We should feel proud and trust these players in what’s left of the season.

What do you say to the fans?

To thank them. They’ve supported us all season and they did so again today. The reception was spectacular, the support from the start was extraordinary, we’re really grateful and I ask for more support. We have eight games left at Mestalla and they have to help us win, the team is young, they compete as they have done against FC Barcelona, they weren’t much better than us, and we need their support. Now on Sunday we’ll go into the game with tiredness, with limitations, but it’s really important to win. We play at home and what we achieve at the end of the LaLiga season will be largely down to the points we get at home.

You changed the team’s shape. Did you want to surprise Barça?

We played against a team that keeps a lot of players inside, we thought that on the left we wouldn’t have the same speed and depth, and we looked for solutions. Each game is different and we’ll see, but we’re used to a certain system and we’ll keep playing most of the games the same way.