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Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

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February, 14 2018

Jeison Murillo: “We’re right in it, we’re third in LaLiga”

The Colombian centre-back tells VCFradio he hopes to return to the team as soon as possible

The Colombian centre-back Jeison Murillo is excited about his imminent return to the team after some time spent off the pitch. Speaking to VCFradio, he left no doubt about that. “I feel good, trying to return as soon as possible. The idea is that when I come back, I’ll be one hundred per cent. I’ve lost no enthusiasm, in fact I’ve got more all the time as I get closer to my comeback. I’m happy in training and I’m waiting for my moment. I feel good, getting back to the physical side, and my niggles are going away. It’s a good time to come back”.

He got injured last November and, having been operated on, Murillo underlines the fact that it’s over now. “It’s important to return at my best, although clearly you get back into the rhythm of things playing games. I try to work hard in training to get back to one hundred per cent. It’s never easy to get injured. The recovery time is what you focus on. The truth is I’ve had tough days, having problems, feeling good, but that’s the logical recovery process”.

He hasn’t enjoyed being just another Valencia CF fan. “It’s better to experience the games on the pitch, but I’ve also enjoyed our fans supporting the team. I’m grateful to the people who write to me, who support me online, and the people in the street too. I hope to be able to repay all that support on the pitch. When you’re out, unable to do your bit, you feel bad”.

The aim of Marcelino’s team is to keep going, he’s clear about that. “The team have had difficult games, unfair ones, with tough weeks because of the cup, but we’re still right in it, we’re third, we have to take advantage. Of course, with humility and hard work. We just played a demanding cup semi-final against perhaps the best team in the world and we turned up. They beat us, but we worked as hard as we could. There’s a lot of league left, we have to move on and focus on the league. Every game is difficult, there are stronger teams, it’s true, but in Spain no-one gives you anything for free. We have to give everything and fight”.

He’s not surprised by any Valencia CF teammate, but rather the collective. “There are players who are very good technically, others who are good physically. I’d highlight all of them and if we’re third it’s because of the group, not one player. We have a united squad and each day the family grows”.

Regarding his recovery and the highs and lows he’s experienced during that time, Jeison Murillo says that “although I seem serious, I’m young, I’m 25 years old and I don’t lose my joyful outlook despite the tough moments. Luckily my teammates are always there for me and I’m grateful. My family, too. I have an amazing wife, a five-month-old girl, and they help me every day. I feel lucky”.