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Jan, 22 / 21:30 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
February, 21 2018

Mateu Alemany: “We are embarking on a journey in a way that asks for a lot and is ambitious”

Valencia CF general director Mateu Alemany spoke to the media on Wednesday afternoon, where he has talked through all of the general topics that are ongoing related to club affairs at present.

What have you made of Marcelino’s performance and is the intention to renew his contract?

“At this point, there are no open negotiations, he has a year and a half of his contract remaining. We believe that right now isn’t the time to talk about renewals, secondly it would be to put something together for everyone that goes along with the current idea and how the club links with the fans: we are very happy with the work so far, not only from Marcelino, but from all of the coaching staff and the players. We are having a season where we are hitting our targets that we set in May. We are happy with Marcelino and he has a contract running. We hope he will be here for a long while.”

With regard to the Porxinos situation, what is happening? Is there a buyer for the land?

“The fact lies with the property market in Spain and Valencia at the moment, it seems that the prices have gone up. But we have no offer, nor any interest for the rights to that land. On the other hand, the judicial proceedings are continuing and Valencia CF will continue to defend its interests.”

There are set sales for 45 million euros. Does the club know which players they will sell and others that they won’t?

“In terms of having to make sales, it is something proposed that has to be done, not only this year. If we want to hit a certain level for players, we have to invest more, do more for Financial Fair Play and have bigger salaries. The market is shut for now, and we will do what has been said in the month of May. The opinion of our manager will be something that we will consider, and taking in various inputs we will see what happens, knowing that we are obliged to make sales as has been predetermined.”

What do you think of the club’s decisions with regards to the semi-final tickets for the Copa del Rey against FC Barcelona?

“We sold 42,000 tickets and the season ticket holders were happy. They hit their targets in this sense, and compared to other clubs it was a success. The cup is very complicated, there were grounds like we saw in the first leg at Camp Nou, where the season ticket holders didn’t pay and the stadium was half empty. It is difficult because of the timetable, the kids can’t go to the game, and the game was on television for free. We are looking to hit a target where the season ticket holders will be happy and will support the team. If the people aren’t happy, they won’t turn up, but Mestalla was practically full and we sold 42,000 tickets.”

Did the club try and sign a right back in the winter transfer window?

“In the winter window, the club wanted to sign players for two positions: central midfield and striker. And that is what we did. This was what we picked out and what the coach helped with in December, and after weighing up the risks to the squad this is what we worked on. On top of this, we were looking at some other positions, with a right back included, because if Nacho Vidal had left, it would have been necessary to bring in another. But it wasn’t a priority.”

Has Kondogbia’s future been decided?

“We have until May 31st to take up the option to buy, and we will take that decision when it comes along. We are happy with him.”

Will the 45 million euros worth of sales be to balance the books or to be able to have more room for Financial Fair Play in the coming season?

“It is pre-planned to balance the books. The consequence is that we have to sell to have a bigger budget, so we can spend more and have more room to pay wages. I prefer to have more potential to move in the transfer window and to hit a higher level, even if that means selling a player at the end of the season to balance the books. If not, our competitive level would fall drastically.”

Why was doctor Luis Gonzalez dismissed? Now the players will go to be checked by Dr. Maestro in Gijon…

“Luis Gonzalez’s departure was agreed between all parties. We have to try to keep our players as healthy as we can and there have been changes, we are doing everything to improve things, in a club you always have to make improvements and we are working on this. Our head doctor will be in Valencia, and Dr. Maestro will be our new orthopaedic doctor to assess players, we are looking for the very best. He will come to Valencia when required, and if not, our players will not travel to Gijon, but Istanbul if it is necessary as the wellbeing of our players is key to the performances of the team. This is not up for debate. It is a question of having the best available for every treatment, we are looking for excellence in every area, we are on the way to hitting a very high level with regards to this.”

Are you going to continue with the sporting structure without a sporting director?

“Different structures exist, we think that will the coach that we have, the new structure of the club is good enough to cover every area. We are to have a very strong set up, to follow the markets in Spain and internationally, as well as young players, and we are working to this end.”

Is there anything new with regards to the new Mestalla?

“These are things that make slow progress, the administrative process is slow, we are moving ahead with licensing, and we are talking with different international consultancies who are giving us different options. The club will take the relevant steps when the time is right.”

Planning ahead...

“It will start when the season ends, and we know where we are going to be. At the moment, we should be concentrating on the game against Real Sociedad. Valencia CF will depend on whether we return to European competition and we can’t lose focus on what we have to do at present.”

Have you spoken with Peter Lim?

“We are in continuous contact with him, I can assure him of what is happening at Valencia CF on a day-to-day basis, he watches all of the games, I can’t say much more but he is clearly satisfied with how things are going.”

Is the target to return to the Champions League?

“I have always said that the aim is to finish as high in the table as possible, this isn’t just the target that I have set, but it is set by wanting the most points possible and by ambition. Therefore, we want to finish as high as we can.”

Would it be a disappointment to get into the Europa League?

“Our targets affect our club history, the fans and the club’s crest. In the history of Valencia CF, they have tried to finish as high as they can for everything, and this year we have battled for the cup. Valencia CF have to fight in every competition they’re in, Valencia CF didn’t throw the cup away, but we couldn’t get to the final. We have competed, as we have in LaLiga, and we will keep trying to battle to finish as high in the table as we can. That doesn’t mean the Champions League, what is on top is to be champion. I am happy that the team is trying to battle for everything and is as ambitious as they can be. In the team, nobody can say that they don’t give their all, and later on we will have success, alongside the fans as the bond between them is so important.”

What is the next step?

“We have set out on a journey with a set style, a way of playing, of behaving, to ask for a lot and to be ambitious. This is the way forward. We are not going to make a lot of changes, there is always the chance to improve things, but the philosophy that we have is in line with what we want. It is a style that links with the history of Valencia CF. The team are getting close to hitting it, and doing what our fans have hoped for and asked from our players, we are going to keep going. I’m not one to deviate from situations. If you have the right criteria, you don’t change things down to results or bad runs. In January we have had difficulties, but we have maintained our belief in what we’ve chosen.”

What have FIFA said with regards to signing young players? Has the case been shelved?

“It hasn’t been shelved, it is ongoing. Is there a risk? There is always a risk when the proceedings are still going. We have made our evaluations with contingency plans. I find it surprising that they are so strict when you can sign a young foreign player, when you can look the other way then there are youth players moving from European countries without compensation or any control. I find it curious that nothing has been said.”

Can you justify the decision of Valencia CF to support the pay rise of Javier Tebas?

“He is the president of LaLiga, we made an assessment, there were 36 clubs in favour and five against, or abstained due to it being a secret vote. It is an overwhelming majority which values his contribution in two ways: the economic control that has made clubs healthier financially, and that TV rights brought in so much. There was an offer from Italian football and it was decided that we couldn’t do without him, his figure is essential to improving football and growing television rights.”