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March, 06 2018

“Valencia CF comes to your school” visits CEIP Benimàmet

The club, represented by Arias, Dani Parejo, Cárol Férez and Darío Aliaga, promoted equality at a talk with junior school pupils

Representatives of Valencia CF were at CEIP Benimàmet this Tuesday, as part of the “VCF comes to your school” project, where they shared a talk about gender equality with 130 pupils of primary school age, as part of “International Women’s Day” which is celebrated this Thursday 8th March. Ricardo Arias (club ambassador), Darío Aliaga (8-a-side football co-ordinator at the VCF academy), captain Dani Parejo and the player Carol Férez all agreed that “we are all equal” regardless of gender, race or ability.

Among other messages, those present highlighted the importance of studying. “When you’re at the top you don’t think about what’s coming next, you need to remember what they tell you at school, life is long, a lot of things can happen and you have to be ready” said the Valencia CF ambassador, before highlighting the importance of “working to eradicate aggression towards people who haven’t done anything, it’s not normal that these things happen”.

Carol Férez, a Valencia CF Women’s player, said, in agreement with Ricardo Arias, that “it’s such a shame that these things keep happening, although you see them less and less. In terms of football, I think people are getting into women’s football, games are shown on television, working conditions are getting better and the moment will come when we’re well known too, as the men are now. Valencia CF is a club that really supports its women’s teams”.

Parejo reflected on the importance of being united and working as a team, because unity makes us stronger. “It would be a huge error to think the opposite, in life you can be closer to some people than others, within the group there are 24 players and sometimes you get on better with some than others. On the field, maybe you’re not playing with your best friends, but they have to help you win the game, they have to run for you, they have to pass you the ball, we’re all important. Someone who isn’t your best friend can still help you and lend a hand. In the end we’re all important and we all add up, we’re all crucial” he said. As for him, Darío Aliaga talked about the importance of “encouraging the values of effort, sacrifice, personal hygiene… helping instil those habits from when you’re young”.

The meeting couldn’t go without the mascot, either, who posed with all the pupils and teachers at the end of the talk who experienced a very different morning at school, where Valencia CF got close to the youngsters to do their bit to help transmit values.

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