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Jan, 22 / 21:30 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
April, 03 2018

Ferran: “Coming to Mestalla was the best, it was jaw-dropping”

The Valencia player recalls his early days, advice he’s received, stories from his time as a VCF player, unforgettable games… Don’t miss the interview on VCFplay!

Accompanied by his family, Ferran headed to Mestalla after signing his new Valencia CF contract. There, in the stadium where he used to watch his boyhood club, he spoke to VCFplay.

- Have you always had footballs around you?

- Ever since I started walking I used to kick everything I could, and from then my parents knew I was going to be a footballer.

- Did you always want to play for Valencia CF?

- My family are Valencia fans, they’ve always said it’s a historic club, an example, and they were right. I’ve been able to wear the shirt and I’ll always fight to defend it.

- What is your first memory of Mestalla?

- I used to come with my parents and it was the best thing ever. I was here with my mouth wide open, it was jaw-dropping.

- What does the club mean to you?

- It’s my whole life, I’ve always fought for the shirt, and I hope to do so for many years. It will always be in my heart.

- What were key moments in your development?

- Defending the badge, being able to win trophies, even at youth level. Every game with Valencia CF has been special.

- What are your memories of that time?

- I always made my mother wait for the players to get their autographs, they are great memories because I’ve gone from asking for autographs to being asked for them. And I’ve got lots of memories from home in that time, too.

- You’ve grown throughout your time at the academy, what piece of advice sticks with you?

- One above all: everything has gone so fast, but I have to keep my feet on the ground, if I’m characterized by one thing it’s humility.

- Has any coach been important to you?

- Marcelino is the coach that has made me learn a lot of things in both attack and defence. He helps you a lot, he always supports you and you appreciate it.

- What games stick in your mind?

- The one that stays with me is when we played against Sevilla FC and Mbia scored, I was at Mestalla crying my eyes out, I was gutted.

- And your happiest moment?

- Anytime we’ve won, but I’d say when we beat Genk at home (7-0), that was a special night.

- You also travelled to some games away from home to see the team.

- Whenever I could, one game I remember that I loved was when I went to the Cup final in 2008 in the Calderón and we won. We celebrated a lot.

- That was Valencia CF’s last trophy, are you looking forward to more?

- We want to win lots of trophies and make the fans happy because they really deserve it.

- The team is so close to returning to the Champions League, would that be something magical for you?

- It would be amazing, it’s hard for me to believe it and we’ll keep fighting until it’s a mathematical certainty.

- Is the dressing room really that good, on a professional and human level?

- It’s a 10 out of 10, and I’m grateful to have the trust of my teammates, that’s not the case in every dressing room.

- What are you going to do with the special shirt you received today?

- I’ll get my teammates to sign it, without them it wouldn’t have been possible and then I’ll get it framed in my bedroom at home.

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