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Jan, 22 / 21:30 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
April, 26 2018

Parejo: “We can return to the Champions League at Mestalla with the fans, it would be great”

The captain says “it’s a pleasure to play” at Mestalla in a season when they’ve faced all comers

Valencia CF captain, Dani Parejo, spoke to journalists in the “Media Center” at the Paterna Training Ground ahead of the game against SD Eibar.

Will Sunday against SD Eibar be a great day to celebrate Champions League qualification at Mestalla?

It will be a hard game, an intense and competitive game because of our opponent. Destiny has decided that we can return to the Champions League at home, with our fans and it will be great for everyone. It’s a pleasure to play at Mestalla, you can feel the atmosphere, the behaviour of the fans, and that reflects what the team does on the pitch, facing all comers. Between the team and the fans for 90 minutes, let’s hope we can celebrate qualification together, I think it’s a fitting end to the excellent season we’re having.

Does it feel like more than just another game?

Yes, you can tell, this game is like a final. We’re playing at home, the aim at the start of the season wasn’t to be able to qualify for the Champions League with three games to go, we’ve won people’s trust, and we have the chance to get into the Champions League and have an excellent year. Let’s hope we have a good, complete game, where the team plays well, with the fans being there just like all year.

Is qualifying for the Champions League a reward for this season and a vindication for those who have been here longer?

Seeing Valencia CF in 12th place in the table isn’t what it deserves, as history shows. It’s true that at the start of the season no-one expected us to get the points we have with four games left, but we’re having an excellent season and it’s time to finish it and enjoy it, because we deserve it.

What mark would you give to the team?

It has been a magnificent season for everyone, since pre-season, from the summer you could see that the team was going to work, we understood the boss, what he wanted and the season has been excellent. Individually I think I’m having a great season, I achieved my objective and my dream of debuting with the National Team, being a better player and better person every day, helping my teammates as much as possible.

What does Marcelino have that gets the best out of you?

The boss has been in LaLiga for a while with different teams, for me he’s a top coach for the qualities he has, for what he passes on and for me, together with Valverde, he’s the best coach I’ve had in my opinion. We’re so happy with the boss, he’s having a great season and let’s hope we can enjoy ourselves with him for a long time.

Did you expect to be so high in LaLiga at this stage?

When we started pre-season I saw how the boss trains, how he understands football, how he passes that on and I saw he could do a lot for me. I understood that the team was going to be competitive, that it was going to compete to be where we should be every season, which is trying to get into the Champions League, and it’s clear that the club has done things really well, the signings have all paid off… that all adds up to us being a competitive team and we are where we are.

A month from the squad for the World Cup in Russia being announced, do you think you have a chance of going?

It’s true that I’ve only been once, I think on the statistics I have more chance of going than before, but at the end of the day there’s a great squad, magnificent players and it’s hard because it’s so competitive, but anyway, I’ll try to improve every day and give my best to be in the squad.