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Valencia CF vs Celtic

Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

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April, 30 2018

Javi Sanchis: “We must congratulate these players because they played a perfect tournament"

Javi Sanchis, VCF U16s coach at the prestigious JSSL Singapore International Soccer 7s, spoke to VCF Radio about his pride in his players

“It’s a shame, we have to congratulate the players who played a perfect tournament. In the end, the format of the tournament means that if there’s a draw in the semi-finals, you’re obliged to play a 3-on-3 which was new for us. In addition, we had bad luck in the draw, they had the ball and they scored and we’re out. It has been a demanding tournament, there were eight teams, we played all of them and we won seven games against big teams and we went through in first place. In the semi-finals we played well, we had a clear chance at the end and in extra time it was like tossing a coin, and that’s how we went out”.

“Despite the fact that we’re out, we’re happy, the coaching staff have congratulated the players and in the end we’re left with this enriching experience we had in Singapore. The tournament was really difficult, because it was 7-a-side, and it’s notable that in extra time there are no penalties. It’s a strange one, the 3-on-3, we played with three players and unfortunately we lost”.

“Now we have to think about the league. I’ll never tire of praising these lads who started with us back in the summer in pre-season. We’ve gotten better and competed in every game. I want to highlight this generation of lads who will be important in the future. And finally, I want to say we’re really happy with how Meriton have looked after us in Singapore. It’s been an unforgettable experience”.