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Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

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May, 09 2018

Spain’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia spent time with Valencia CF: “Football is one of the big pillars of Spain’s brand”

Anil Murthy met with the ambassador, as well as government, sporting and business authorities in Riyadh

Álvaro Iranzo Gutierrez, Spain’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia, has met with Valencia CF club president Anil Murthy in Riyadh. Ahead of this Wednesday’s game against Al-Nassr, a meeting took place between the ambassador, as well as government, sporting and business authorities from the local area. Valencia CF’s return to the Champions League has made them a more tempting proposition in terms of sponsorship.

After the meeting finished, the ambassador told VCFplay that it was a “huge joy to have this Valencia CF side in Riyadh, a Spanish club that is followed enthusiastically and with interest by the Saudi public given their traditions and sporting successes. I give my congratulations after the club’s return to the Champions League and this very fact has made the local public pay even closer attention to the adventure to come. There is a lot of expectation to watch the game and this is thanks to the club’s efforts.”

The country watches a lot of football on television and the club hotel always has a group of Valencia CF fans present. Iranzo went on: “LaLiga games are shown on television and there is a huge fanbase for it, they know that Valencia CF is one of the big clubs in Spain and in Europe. I hope that this will be just the first of many visits.”

The game is also important in terms of financial growth: “Football is one of the big pillars of Spain’s brand, it is one of the things that goes on in Spain that is well known and valued across the world, these successes move things forward for economic and social success too, and that is what we want. Football helps it along the way.”

Saudi Arabia’s General Sports Authority (GSA) is very pleased with Valencia CF

Andrea Minnicino (a representative for the Saudi Football Federation) was also present at the meeting with Valencia CF. “The fans are really happy to be able to see the best players from Valencia CF, it is a sign of respect. As representatives of the Federation, I give my thanks to Valencia CF and LaLiga, because the LaLiga World programme is a great idea that can create new opportunities for working together and sponsorship, which improves Saudi Arabia’s level of football too. Valencia CF have one of the best teams in terms of their technical and individual level. It is brilliant to be able to see these players and it is exciting to have them all here."