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Jan, 26 / 20:45 Matchday 21

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
May, 14 2018

Carlos Soler and Toni Lato receive their Fútbol Draft awards

Carlos Soler and Toni Lato have received their Fútbol Draft awards, as they were both included in the Golden and Silver starting elevens respectively. They are both pleased with the award, which goes to show the great work done by the VCF academy. It's a recognition of the work done by all academies across Spanish football, and the VCF academy is at the forefront.

“I remember that a few years ago I used to see players getting the award and now they are having successful careers" says Soler. "Being in the golden starting 11 makes me really happy. We’ve qualified for the Champions League next season and this is a significant award because it’s been a great year for all of us."

"The academy is working really well, as more and more players are breaking into the first team like Ferran Torres, and as time goes by more B team players will join us in training" Soler added. "The level of the VCF academy has always been really good”.

Toni Lato, who was a starter against Girona, was amongst the selected players in the silver starting 11. ”I’m really pleased to be among the selected ones. Being at Valencia CF for so many years is really significant for us."

Carlos Soler and Toni Lato join the list of VCF players that have been presented with the award - Jose Luis Gayà, Santi Mina, Dani Parejo and Martín Montoya.