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Mar, 31 / 16:15 Matchday 29

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May, 17 2018

Carlos Soler and Marta Peiró visit Pare Català school

Soler and Peiró meet some young fans

Valencia CF visited Pare Catala School in Valencia, with Carlos Soler, Marta Peiró and one of the VCF Academy's sports psychologists having a chat with the children about the importance of certain values in sport. As part of the 'Valencia CF comes to your school' program, the project looks to teach primary school children about commitment, hard work and having a healthy lifestyle.

Carlos Soler was one of the key figures present and he talked about the importance of studying alongside sport. "I see you all and it seems like yesterday that I was in school. I remember that when I was little I would want players on the television, but in order to achieve your targets you have to make sacrifices and put in effort, nothing is easy." Marta explained that what is important is "learning about culture and academic subjects, with the values that you learn both in school and in football. Studying is what gets your mind going, you have to study and read because you have to be able to decide what you're going to put your mind to. Everything that you are learning will help us in daily to daily life when you leave school."

After the discussion, Carlos and Marta took photographs with the children and signed autographs, but first, they discussed healthy living. "We have to look after our nutrition because it is vital for your life. You have to eat fruit, fish, meat and vegetables," Marta explained. "You have to look after yourself to live a longer, better life," Carlos went on.