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May, 18 2018

Anil Murthy: “Valencia CF’s philosophy is to be a global club and strengthen our unique features”

The club president talked to Goal’s South Korea edition about the key pillars for growth

Anil Murthy has been involved in an interview with the South Korean edition of Goal, where he has gone over the importance of developing big young talents in the VCF Academy like Kangin Lee, as well as the strategy to ensure that Valencia CF continue to grow in the future.

“Valencia CF have returned,” Murthy explained after the club’s qualification for the Champions League, knowing that the club had a special team that were in a very enviable position: “Historically, Valencia CF is the club that is well known for many reasons, because it has been one of the top clubs in Spanish football. Currently we are a team that is strong in defence and quick in attack. The second reason is the stadium, Mestalla. It has a unique atmosphere and it isn’t easy for opponents to win there, I would recommend all of the fans who haven’t paid it a visit yet to do so. After that, it is the city, Valencia is a great city to visit and a good place to live.”

The philosophy is “to be a global club, but to strengthen the unique features that make us stand out. Football is a world-wide sport and we want our football to be seen by fans in Asia and South Korea. I would like it if more South Korean fans could enjoy Valencia CF.”

Another of the key factors is the academy: “For a long time the club has been very good at developing young players, there are various ones in the first team. There are a lot of talented players in the Academy and we want to develop them to be top-level footballers. During the process, we will stress that the players have a good education.” One of the young talents is South Korean midfielder Kangin Lee, who Murthy considers to have “very high potential and he has chosen to develop and play at Valencia CF.”