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Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
May, 23 2018

Mateu Alemany: “It has been an extraordinary season, we will continue to be demanding and ambitious”

The club’s director general is impressed by how the team always puts in a good performance and says that will continue next season

Valencia CF’s director general Mateu Alemany has spoken to the press at the club’s Media Center during a 75-minute press conference, where he talked about everything going on at present.

How do you assess the season?

“I think that Valencia CF has to be grateful for its fans, to the players and to the coaching staff, as well as all of you and the club’s employees who have put in the required effort. We were coming out of some very difficult years and some complicated situations on the pitch and also in terms of structure. We have managed to get the club to work normally and we are working in an normal manner. Normality, order and hard work. One of the promises that the coach made was that the team is going to give everything this season and nobody can question that the team have always performed, worked hard and been ambitious. This is the promise that I want to keep on the table. The team are going to continue in this vein and under Marcelino it will continue to be this way.

"Valencia CF have put an important story behind them and they’ve set the bar very high, this is in the club’s DNA. It has been an extraordinary season, few would have thought that we would hit this level and our expectations will continue to be as high as possible. We are mavericks, we demand a lot and we are ambitious. We have to maintain this, while knowing where we are and where we came from. Now the situation for the league is more complicated, there is only one Champions League place, we want to get back into the Champions League next year but we also know where we came from. We want to go for everything.”

Is the plan for Marcelino to renew his contract ahead of next season?

“We have a very good relationship, he is very happy in the city and at Valencia CF. It is clear that Valencia CF are happy with their coach and his staff, we would like Marcelino to be with us for a long time.”

Are there operations underway to close a deal?

“There is a long while left in the transfer market, we aren’t going to rush into any signings because we already have our foundations, and the number of signings is going to be lower, with the amount of exits even lower than that. We have time and it is too soon to be talking about signings. This doesn’t go against the fact that we are in the market and looking at things, we have it clear what type of player we want and where we will sign them.”

In the meeting with Peter Lim, was it suggested that it would be better to lose money this summer, so that the team isn’t weakened for competing in the Champions League?

“We didn’t want to sell anyone before and we don’t want to now. With how the Financial Fair Play is built, selling gives you the chance to have a budget to make more deals and have a competitive team. If you don’t sell, however much the owner has, LaLiga will reduce yours. I understand that to have a stronger team in sporting sense it is better to sell, and above all if you can sell a player that would allow you to sign three others who are at a similar level. In sporting terms it is better, although it’d hurt, but it gives us the chance to improve our current level of quality.”

How are the conversations going with Inter about Kondogbia?

“Our intention is to exercise our option to buy and Inter know that. It is a big, worthwhile investment.”

What is Guedes’ future going to be? Is it possible to sign him or will you look for a loan?

“It is unquestionable within the club that he is a player that we have to thank for his commitment and his help towards us hitting our objectives. We would like for him to continue with us in the future, with a loan or a permanent deal, but everyone knows how difficult the market is. He is a player of a club that is on another level, he will go back to PSG and wait. He is a player that is of interest to us, the player himself would like to stay because he has improved a lot.”

Is there a fee for which you’d consider selling Rodrigo?

“There is an amount: the 120 million euro fee for his release clause. He is a very important player, very involved, a team captain, he is happy as he has said himself. Our position is quite clear.”

Do Inter want to lower the purchasing option for Cancelo?

“For Cancelo, there is a deadline there that runs out on May 31st and Inter can decide what they are going to do. The player is of interest to them, but just as we haven’t asked about sales, we are going to do the same with regards to the deals that we’ve already agreed to. It isn’t possible to negotiate this agreement at all.”

Has the club received an offer for any player?

"The market is just beginning, we’re in the middle of May and it’s very early, but we have received an offer that we’ve turned down."

What’s the situation with the fine from the EU?

"The European Commission allows us to keep appealing, but says we have to pay. There’s no definitive procedure, we still believe it won’t be a fine of 23.6 million euros, we think it will be less. And we’ve asked for the procedure to be provisionally suspended."

After the agreement with Deloitte, do you think Valencia CF will be playing in the new stadium in the 2021/22 season?

"I can’t predict the future, but we’ve joined up with a powerful consultancy firm and they have the ability to manage everything related to finishing the stadium. The real estate market is as good as it’s been for years and it’s an important agreement. We have dates to aim at, and we’ve done this to be able to move within that schedule. From there, we’ll see how the real estate market responds."

In terms of young players, what do you think of Kangin Lee?

"Personally, I think this is a club that creates players, when it has had success, it has been thanks to homegrown players, you can see that. Kangin is one of them who looks promising. The market is very focused on young players, you see players of incredible ages and I don’t agree with it, I think it’s a shame that FIFA and UEFA don’t get involved. Our aim is clear, in terms of contracts and involvement in the first team, we have a coach who believes in the academy."