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Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

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May, 29 2018

Anil Murthy: “Working with young players is part of the club’s philosophy”

Valencia CF president Anil Murthy has featured on GOL Sports, where he analysed the club’s season and talked of future objectives, where the youth academy will be key moving forward.

“Marcelino wants to work with us, we all know that we need a mix of players with experience that can help the youngsters. It is important that Marcelino wants to work with young players, we have to maintain our philosophy and we are going to have young, home-grown players in the squad, that isn’t going to ever change regardless of the coach. In my short experience here, coaches haven’t wanted to work with the youth and Marcelino is very much in line with the club’s philosophy.”

After the fantastic season that the club have had, Anil Murthy explained that the harmony between the coach and the rest of the club’s management is perfect: “We are all really comfortable, Marcelino, Mateu Alemany, myself… there hasn’t been the urgent need to talk about renewing his contract, he isn’t going. He is very happy with the club, with how we work, with Peter Lim he has a good relationship and also he’s happy in the city. He is going to continue. For how long? In the world of football you never know, but I think that it will be for a good amount of time in order to have fantastic experiences alongside us.” Could he become another long-term example like Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger or Diego Simeone? “They are difficult to find, but if the situation is right and everyone feels comfortable…”

Heading into next season, according to Anil Murthy the aim is “to compete” and maintain the club’s place alongside the biggest clubs in LaLiga. “We are going to compete. When this season started, we never said that we were going to finish in the Champions League, now we are going to compete in it and see where we end up, but we have to continue in the league with the same outcome as the current one, we have to finish in the Champions League places once again.”