Getafe vs Valencia CF

Jan, 22 / 21:30 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
May, 30 2018

Rubén Uría: “There are a lot of home-grown players that know what the club’s badge means, this is very important”

The VCF assistant coach highlights the important of youth players for the club ahead of next season

Putting faith in a young teams and a lot of home-grown players doesn’t always guarantee success, but as Valencia CF have shown during the past season, the future and the present can collide all at once. The coaching staff aren’t bothered by the reputations of certain players and want to look to young talent to help them achieve their aims, as Rubén Uría has explained.

“Young players want to achieve things. On top of that, there is another advantage for us: there are a lot of players that know what the club’s badge really means and this is very important. There are a lot of people formed here who have spent a lot of time at the club, as well as another group of talented players who haven’t hit the level expected of them at their previous clubs for a variety of reasons. Here at Valencia CF they have settled in, the staff, their teammates and the club’s personnel have welcomed them nicely."

In the first-team squad there are seven players that have come through the club’s youth academy, and all of them have had their fair share of chances. “The players that have come up haven’t been given any handouts. Valencia CF is very demanding, and this phrase gives a bit of context with Nacho Vidal, VCF doesn’t wait for anybody, it wasn’t a phrase that was about Nacho Vidal, but rather the club is so demanding that it doesn’t wait around for anybody. Not Nacho Vidal, nor Kondogbia if they’re not up to par. I believe that the demanding nature of Valencia CF is going to make the youth players push on even further, because there is going to be more competition and they will play at the highest level in European competition. Here is where they are going to show what they’re made of, their talents and why they are in the first team. At youth level at the club there are players that are waiting in the wings, including Ferran, who was born in 2000 and is already nearly at the right level.”