Getafe vs Valencia CF

Jan, 22 / 21:30 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Juny, 03 2018

Rubén Uría: “There is room for improvement, the squad are hungry to play in the Champions League”

Valencia CF’s assistant manager praised the group and their good attitude from day one

How have Valencia CF managed to achieve such a drastic change from one year to another?

“Most importantly, it is because the players have had the attitude from the first day to take everything in, to try and turn around a tough situation given past seasons and they’ve worked hard from the very start. The players have got used to our way of working and they have believed in the way we play, our style and the coaching staff.”

VCF are the club to have improved the most across the top five leagues in Europe, taking 27 points more than last campaign.

“Nobody thought that the team were going to make such a big change, but we were optimistic looking at the squad we had put together when the summer transfer window shut. We were optimistic because of the good work done during preseason, but above all because of the motivation and the attitude of the players that wanted to turn things around. In the end, the squad made big changes down to the players, we secured our final place and the club got it right with both the departures and arrivals.”

Is there room for improvement?

“Yes, a lot, above all because the squad is the youngest in LaLiga and this should give us an added bonus. I am convinced that we are going to improve our level of playing, and also on a physical level, what we can’t guaranteed is the number of points we will take, and this will be what settles things.”

How can the team get better?

“We want to stretch things out further. For example, if we have played 50-60 minutes at a good level, we want to improve that to 70-75 minutes, if at Mestalla we’ve taken 42 points, we will want fewer to get away from us. We are looking at very short-term aims. Short-term aims can carry you to very impressive targets.”

Mateu Alemany said that VCF always performed well regardless of who they were playing against, and that the fans have recognised and identified with what the team have done.

“Yes, perhaps during the whole season there have been one or two games where we’ve dropped below our usual level, and the fans have liked it. We are proud of how Mestalla helped to carry us in tough moments because the fans saw that we could have dropped off, but they have been watching where we want to get to and they’ve picked us back up. It is key that the fans support us constantly, but I have always said that we need to give back to the fans because of how they help and support us. If we don’t show the right motivation, ambition, togetherness and the desire to win every game, the fans aren’t going to help us. Not only in Mestalla, but in any stadium in football.”

Are the team hungry to play in the Champions League?

“Yes, completely. They are talking themselves about the fact that we have to have a different mentality when we play in Europe compared to LaLiga, there has to be a balance. Will will enjoy being in the Champions League and we’re going into it with the utmost ambition.”

What have the coaching staff learned this season?

“To be patient, to trust a lot and even more each day with everything around us. Everything around us has allowed us to grow this year, we have matured and when you’re at a club as big as Valencia CF it makes you feel as though you have to achieve things, that everything will come but there’s a process. That has calmed us down quite a bit.”

Are you surprised at the lack of VCF players involved in internationals?

“Yes, it surprised me, but I believe that this year we have shown what we can do and next year we’ll definitely have more.”