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Juny, 09 2018

Rodrigo was picked out in HBO’s ‘Destination Russia’

Rodrigo and Thiago’s shared dream. There is nothing better than experiencing new things alongside a friend, and that is exactly what this pair of childhood friends will be doing at the World Cup in Russia.
“Every child dreams of becoming a professional football player, to play for big teams, we all dream of representing our country at a World Cup,” Rodrigo explained on HBO’s ‘Destination Russia’.

Rodrigo and Thiago have shared experiences that hark back to when they were just 11 years old: “We were always together at school,” Rodrigo recalled. “On the weekends our parents were always together too, because they had to take us everywhere to play, and from that point our families were very good friends too.”

Thiago and Rodrigo joined forces at Club Ureca: “We put together a very good team, there were other kids who were playing very well too and that year we won the league, although it seemed impossible to do so.”

While Rodrigo stayed in Vigo, Thiago left for Barcelona: “Little by little we had been developing, we went on our journeys and they went separate ways for footballing reasons, but now we’ve been reunited in the national team.”

Now they have the chance to live out one of their dreams from when they were kids: playing in a World Cup and trying to emulate something that Thiago’s father Mazinho achieved - winning the whole thing back in 1994. He is an example for Rodrigo too, and recently awarded him his player of the month award for March at Mestalla.