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Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
Juny, 11 2018

An eternal sentiment: a full season ticket for a unique season

The process of renewing season tickets for the 2018/19 season will begin this Monday, for a campaign that will celebrate the club’s 100th anniversary. Every game will be included, with discounts given for helping to make Mestalla a smoke-free stadium

From today, June 11th 2018, you can already ensure that you are an important part of Valencia CF’s 100th anniversary. A century of the club’s existence approaches, and to be a part of the club is to be part of 100 years of battling, emotion, daring and pride - an eternal way of feeling. Being a part of Valencia CF is something unique, just like the 2018/19 campaign is going to be. Become a season ticket holder for our 100th anniversary campaign!

You have everything included - UEFA Champions League, LaLiga and the Copa del Rey - without having to think about paying a penny more

This new form of season ticket will be valid for every official game that will be played at Mestalla, to ensure that no VCF fan misses a fixture from a very special season: everything is included, from the first game to the last. Whether it is the UEFA Champions League, LaLiga or the Copa del Rey. We want to make things easy and at a special price with the possibility to have a lot of discounts, you won’t miss any important evenings of football thanks to your full season ticket which will be valid for every fixture that the team plays at Mestalla. You won’t have to pay a penny more during the entire season. No queues, no worrying about buying tickets, no worries. You don’t need to, you’re already a season-ticket holder.

It makes more financial sense than our last Champions League pack - knockout games from Europa and the cup included

After a detailed analysis of attendances and prices in every section of Mestalla, the complete season-ticket holder option has an average set in. Why? If you trust in VCF from the start, then we do the same. Therefore, it is cheaper than last season’s pass - valid for LaLiga and the Copa del Rey up until the quarter-final stages - added to the price for the last Champions League package for members. Back in 2015/16, the prices for season-ticket holders for the three group games fluctuated between 40 and 160 euros, while the increase in 2018/19 with respect to 2017/18 will be between 29 and 125 euros.

But, on top, the new full season ticket package includes a lot more: you will be able to be involved in every single one of the team’s games, whether it be in the Champions League or the Europa League, as well as in the Copa del Rey, without paying any extra. Every game you will have your seat waiting for you.

Important discounts for standing by us

After a season with an average attendance of 80%, which has helped the team to hit their targets, in the 2018/19 campaign there are bigger tasks ahead that need even stronger support. The discount of 5% will be replaced by bigger ones that will relate to how reliable your support has been. We want you to pay less given that you will help us to put together some great atmospheres.
The club are going to reward those who went to every game in 2017/18 and for the youngest, this will cover 40% of their 2018/19 season ticket. High attendances will continue to be rewarded in 2019/20. The team keep winning, and so do you.

Freeing up your seat: if you can’t come to a game, give back your place and you can also receive discounts

If during the season you can’t come along to a game, we want to help Mestalla to remain full during the 100th anniversary season and to give you the chance to earn further discounts for your next season ticket.
Valencia CF are presenting two ways to do this: you give your pass to someone who wants it, or you allow your seat to be given to somebody else through the ‘free seat’ system. We can put your seat back on the market for that game and if somebody picks it up then 40% of the price goes towards your next season ticket as discount.

Mestalla, a smoke-free place: a suitable place for families and healthy for every fan
From the 2018/19 campaign, Valencia CF has decided that Mestalla will be a smoke-free stadium. We set an example and we want to do our bit to help to improve the quality of life of our supporters. Together, we can ensure that Mestalla is a place where fans of all ages can enjoy themselves with their families in a healthy environment. If you are a smoker, there will be specified smoking zones away from the seated areas where you can smoke, where there are also information points available that can give advice on kicking the habit.

A zone for the youth: making an atmosphere will the chance for bonuses if you continue into 2019/20 and the number of young people in attendance goes up

In a season where Valencia CF are celebrating their 100-year anniversary, the club are also looking to the future. With lower prices and bigger discounts, the aim is getting more young people to Mestalla and there will be special prices for those under the age of 16. Come to get behind the team with your friends from football, school or university…

If you are between the ages of 16 to 25, you can get a place in our youth zone, and we want this area of the stadium to have a higher attendance with a plan to benefit those who get involved with incentives for the 2019/20 season.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The club will act with real intent to prevent resales for profit by selling seats