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Jan, 22 / 21:30 Matchday 8

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Juny, 11 2018

Rodrigo once played in a mini-World Cup as England, now he’s at the real thing in Russia

The Valencia CF striker is very motivated heading into the opening game against Portugal and remembers when he played in a World Cup at school

La Roja start their World Cup campaign on Friday night (20:00CET) against Portugal, where two Valencia CF players, Rodrigo Moreno and Gonçalo Guedes, will face off in Russia. Rodrigo has already played a big part in Krasnodar and shared that back in 2001 when he was just 10 years old, he played in a mini-World Cup at his school. Back then, he was ‘England’, but now he is enjoying the real thing with Spain.

“At home I was going through pictures with my mother from when we were little, and I remembered that in 2001 we played in a sort of mini-World Cup between school teams and now we’re at the real World Cup,” Rodrigo explained, who will be in Russia with his childhood friend Thiago: “It is a curious story, to be able to be playing at this level with a friend you’ve had since you were little. When we were six or seven we had the dream of doing it, but it is hard to picture it. It is a special story, I’m really pleased to be here and to be able to share this experience with him.”

Do you see yourself starting?

"Everyone that is here wants to play and it would be bad if it were the other way around. We are prepared to support each other, no matter who plays they are going to give their best and in situations where you don’t play we will help from off the pitch. We are a united team and the team’s bond is going to be key for us to do something good here.”

You know Portugal very well, have you already spoken with Guedes?

“I still haven’t spoken with him, I wish him the best of luck except for in this first game. Portugal have a big example in Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best current players and perhaps in history, but just one player can’t do it all and they are a solid team as they showed by winning the last European Championship. Football is a team sport and having a bond makes you stronger. It seems that Portugal will be the team to beat in the group stages, but we have to go out there really concentrated to be able to win the game.”

Will the first game be all or nothing?

“It is a very important game due to the opponent and because it is the first game, it is always best to start on the right foot, but it doesn’t settle anything. In the 2010 World Cup, we lost in our first match against Switzerland, an opponent that didn’t seem to be that strong. We are only thinking of victory, having a good game and from there we can prepare for the following matches with the same level of concentration.”