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Feb, 17 / 16:15 Matchday 24

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
July, 04 2018

Anil Murthy:" Valencia CF is stronger than ever"

Anil Murthy's speech at the Centenary opening ceremony

Good evening.

Today we’re officially raising the curtain on Valencia CF’s centenary celebrations. The same Club. A new era.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate the team that organised today’s event. Our own internal team from several departments. A group of people who, on top of their daily work, have dedicated themselves to set up an incredible event.

Today the Club is stronger than ever because we’ve got great people, a set of committed professionals working together towards the sole objective; making this Club grow.

Well done and congratulations to you all.

We’re going to enjoy many events throughout the whole season to mark an important milestone; Valencia CF’s 100 years.

With the help of professionals like Paco Lloret, “the encyclopedia”, we’re going to celebrate significant moments, central figures, legends etc who have made Valencia CF’s history.

The centenary belongs to all Valencianistas and Valencians, and city of Valencia and we’re going to get everyone involved in the celebrations.

I’m happy because we’re back in the Champions League in the centenary year.

I’m happy because we’ve put this project back on right track.

I’m happy because we’ve got a clear idea of the project and we’ve got professionals to set the ideas in motion.

I’m happy because the fans want to support their team and they’re back at the stadium.

Because the world of football has changed a lot in recent years and the changes are happening very fast and accelerating even more.

In recent days, the papers are talking about transfers of more than 300 million euros, who would have thought a few years back?

Nowadays some Clubs have huge budgets. They are selling shirts all around the world. They have fans all around from Peru to China. All these changes happened in the last ten years.

In this regard, the centenary sets an opportunity to reflect on this Club’s future.

I’m clear.  We’re a football Club. And we’ve got to be one of Europe’s greatest. We’ve got to be in the Champions league or in any other top-flight competition that comes up in the future.  And far from the volatility that we’ve experienced throughout the Club’s history.

A Club with a strong and global brand.  A Club that conveys excitement to a huge fanbase. A club that is going to stick to its roots to distinguish itself from the rest. With a global mindset.

I’m really positive about reaching these objectives. Now, we’ve got a professional management that understands the challenges and wants to take them on without fear.

A management that provides trust and stability betting on the youth system and their homegrown stars.  The youth system is what will allow VCF to survive to get over the transfer market challenges as well as achieving excellence. We’re betting on the Academy with clear judgment and determination. These three academy pearls, Carlos, Jose Luis and Ferran are an example of such determination.

But we’ve got to be patient. We have to avoid the temptation of making crazy decisions or risky bets hoping for quick miracles.

Today Valencia CF is in hands of professionals with a strong leadership and with the support of the majority shareholder, Peter Lim, to make it successful.

To conclude, I’d like to congratulate Bombai for their involvement in the centenary celebration event. Valencianistas that want to share their excitement with all the fans through their music. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it.

I’d like to thank Enrique Arce for his passion for Valencia CF which has delighted us all in this event.

I’d like to congratulate all of the sponsors involved in the celebrations because your support is really important in order to enhance the celebrations for all Valencianistas. I’d like to congratulate the media which sometimes gives us critics and others credit, but always with passion. I want to learn from all of you in order to be a better Valencianista day by day from the honour that being the president gives me looking to protect, and serve such a historic club to be hailed.

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