Valencia CF vs Espanyol

Feb, 17 / 16:15 Matchday 24

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
July, 05 2018

Mateu Alemany: "The idea is to get closer to those at the top, for that reason we have to invest and continue to take some risks"

The CEO thanked the fans for the "spectacular" welcome to the “Total Season Pass” of the Centenary year, already "6,500 subscribers more than last year" have renewed their season passes.

What is your take on the membership campaign?

I must thank the fans for how well they welcomed the campaign. Including all the matches in the subscription, to avoid conflicts that lead us to lose sight of the things of whether the member pays more or not, is the most appropriate approach from the social and sports point of view. We try to preserve the importance of young people and children in the club, with respect for the elderly. And today, there are 6,500 more season pass holders than last year at this point, it is a spectacular number, we currently have 32,500 members and we have a reserve list of 3,000 more. I thank all of them and hope that many will follow

What kind of football players are you looking for in the market?

We have the need to make a good team. We look for quality and we look for the profiles and  the approach that the coach has in mind to improve.

What is the status of the club's financial fair play?

I cannot give specific data because it is necessary to provide them to LaLiga and validate them together with them first. I want to explain that we had an expected deficit from the previous season and with the transfer of Joâo Cancelo, which we are happy with from a financial point of view, the deficit is not fully  covered. And we will have to solve that deficit  with player sales in the future.

Talking about closing the deficit. Team reinforcements are still needed so where is the money going to be taken from?

The club chose to take the risk and not to sell off its assets the previous financial year, with an evident success in that bet and a risk that the property assumed; then there is the factor of the premiums to the soccer players for the Champions League qualification that was not foreseen; We also had to rescind players who had very high costs and this resulted in a significant loss. In this situation we try to sign new players with restraint and moderation, I think, looking for sports success and the appreciation in player’s value, but because of the situation we have with the debt and other previous exercises without playing competition in Europe, the reality is what it is. We have already invested $40 million in transfers and we are going to invest more.

We want to be in the highest positions of the competition every year, and that means an added difficulty such as strengthening the team. We must appreciate and be grateful for the risks assumed by he owner.

You talk about a controlled risk plan, is the goal to balance accounts between income and expenses?

If we want to have a competitive team you must exhaust your financial fair play and one of the key factors is the sale of players. Last year we had a fair play of 110 million euros and we can spend up to 150, but selling players. We want to have a bigger fair play and the alternative is to sell players, the idea is to get closer to the teams in the highest position, but for that you have to invest and keep taking risks The sale of players is a procedure to have a greater fair play and therefore a better team.

What is the situation of Zaza?

He is an important player for us and he will come to train with everyone else, from here on, the Valencia CF players have a clear market value. If an offer arrives, we value both things; the importance and weight of the player in the team, also if the market gives us options to replace it, as well as the target price for the club's financial situation. You have to look for a balance between the two, there is no sporting success without financial and sports balance.

What is the situation of Maksimovic?

We have a great appreciation for him, he is young and with a spectacular attitude, he should have the ability to play more minutes, therefore, we will value transactions, either transfer, sale with repurchase or with an important part of a future sale.

What happened to Gonzalo Villar?

We must recognize that the Valencia CF youth squad works very well and has yielded enormous results, not only in the sport's profile but in the human profile of the players. It has been doing an excellent job and the small variations that we are doing do not prevent us from saying that it has given great results, we make improvements, but on an extraordinary base.

Going to assess the situation of Gonzalo Villar, he has a year of contract and he  began negotiations with a company linked to a Spanish professional club. For a month we negotiated with him to extend his contract two or three more years in good economic conditions. The agents repeatedly rejected those proposals based on the contract. Surprisingly, the player, advised by his agents, sent to us the second week of June a burofax announcing his valuation with respect to that contract understanding that it expired on June 30, under a clause of FIFA. We studied the case and it was understood that this was not the case, and we were facing a situation of unilateral termination, therefore, we decided to withdraw the renewal offer and referring them to the clause of 8 million euros. We have remained firm, and we would proceed against the new club to which the player would be linked for that amount. This Wednesday, July 4 Gonzalo and his parents, at his initiative, came to the club and Gonzalo was fine, like his parents. They recognized their mistake and that they were pressured by their agents.

The most important thing is that Valencia CF does not want players in the youth squad who put economic interests before sports or who do not want to be in the VCF. They recognized his mistake, because the player's situation would be complicated. After his apologies, the club has decided that he will not play at Valencia CF and we will look for the best solution for him to play in another club, facilitating him, but keeping much of his economic rights to protect us in the future. This attitude will be inflexible before clubs or agents that try to damage the patrimony of the club, which is our youth squad.

In what situation is the theme of the future Mestalla Stadium?

We have reached an important agreement and Deloitte gave us confidence. Both their financial, real estate and commercial management departments are very powerful in Spain and abroad, it is an important and complicated issue, from here we hope that, along with the improvement of market valuation, this fall there may be important news. Without completing completes a sale of the current Mestalla we can't consider restarting the works. We are at ease we have a fantastic stadium, Mestalla as a rival before and more now as VCF it has always seemed to me that it’s a spectacular stadium. Therefore, calm down. The real estate market is emerging and there may be developments in the fall. How? With an offer. We are managing this with Deloitte, who is an aircraft carrier in the management of these transactions, we are in very good hands.