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Feb, 17 / 16:15 Matchday 24

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
July, 06 2018

Valencia CF players face extensive medical testing

Dr. Pascual Casañ explains the examinations that the players must undergo


As Valencia CF continues its preparations for the 2018-19 season, medical tests have taken place this Friday 6th July, which the players who shall be taking part in the pre-season for the first team are being subject to in succession. The testing will be carried out until next Tuesday, 10th July, at the Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna facilities and the Catholic University of Valencia’s clinics.


This Friday morning Ferran Torres, Toni Latorre "Lato", José Luis Gayà and Carlos Soler underwent these exhaustive examinations. “We're carrying out an echocardiogram, a baseline electrocardiogram, an exercise test, a spirometry test and an informative dental check-up on each player", explains Dr. Pascual Casañ, head of the first team's medical services, who is satisfied with how the tests are coming along.


"The players look really well, and are really very motivated. They’ve come back from the break in good shape, living up to the recommendations they were given before leaving on vacation, in terms of both diet and exercise whereby they were advised to get active again before coming back. The truth is that they’re getting perfect test results. They’ve all put in a maximum effort,” the doctor states.


The medical tests have two functions: firstly for preventative and health benefits, and also to calculate the players’ performance limits. "With the exercise tests we’re paying close attention the the results that we get regarding the increasing intensity to which each player is subjected. This gives us a lot of information that allows us to evaluate their performance limits, so that the fitness coach can plan each playes’ workload” says Dr. Casañ. "In addition, carrying out the tests in the same center as last year allows us to make better comparisons, as well as having an electrocardiographic and result pattern for each player which provides us with valuable information. Echocardiography, on the other hand, is a health test that monitors heart health - checking that the heart’s morphology, chambers, blood-flow, parietal thicknesses and such are all normal - allowing us to prevent the sudden death of an athlete."


These extensive medical tests faced by the Valencia CF players will be carried out until Tuesday 10th July, and as of Sunday 8th July will be complemented by physical and resistance testing, which will take place in the Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna. Once all the assessments are completed, the players’ first pitch session will take place, at 7:00pm on the Tuesday afternoon.