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Feb, 17 / 16:15 Matchday 24

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
July, 06 2018

Diakhaby, a defender with the “spirit” of a striker

The third signing of the 2018-19 season strengthens the team’s defense, but actually has goal-scorer written all over him


One of the 2018-19 season’s new faces comes in the form of Mouctar Diakhaby, who has joined Valencia CF to reinforce their defense. At 21, he’s very excited about the challenge that lies ahead of him,and despite his assigned pitch role,he’s a player with the "spirit" of the striker, as his background demonstrates.

During his first professional gamein the 2016-17 season, he scored five goals and performed two assists. His build and good placement on the pitch were what made him shine, before establishing himself last season by adding two more goals to his repertoire. "Moko", as his French teammates called him, never stopped trying to make it big -despite not having it easy, he dreamt of becoming an elite footballer

He stepped into football with USSA Vertou, 12 kilometers fromwhere he lived inthe Malak off district of Nantes, France. He travelled to training by bus, but playing in the UEFA Champions League was something that remained even further away. At the start, he was always up for the attack, he wanted to grow and he moved on to FC Nantes. He stood out thanks to his level of tactics and skill despite the physical bulk, yet after just one season he returned to USSA Vertou. This could be interpreted as a step back in his dream tobecome a professional, but it was in fact the complete opposite.

On return to the team he was reunited with friends,and his career was kick-started once more thanks to a key decision: a change in position;Diakhaby changed his pitch position to central defense. From then on,he started catching the eye of talent scouts,and at just 16 yearsold he was discovered by Olympique de Lyon, who were looking for a "stocky" footballer- a club in which he followed a plan to strengthen his physique and improve tactically until arriving at the top, playing in both Ligue 1, the UEFA Europa League,and the UEFA Champions League.

His determination to become a professional footballer proved his ability to never give up during difficult moments,and he’s now ready for the next challenge: to shine as bright as possible, helping Valencia CF to achieve their goals.