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Apr, 21 / 20:45 Matchday 33

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
September, 21 2018

Mestalla, reference of innovative technology for LaLiga TV broadcasts

LaLiga announced to the media the technical news for the broadcasting of the games and their application in Mestalla

LaLiga has given talks this Friday on the use of technology in the Camp de Mestalla, an innovative stadium of LaLiga

In recent years, Valencia CF have decided to invest heavily in innovation and technology, one of the LaLiga stadiums in which the Inter True View technology is applied. In the presentation, Oscar Lago was responsible for carrying out LaLiga and Mediapro, who explained in detail the technology applied in the matches broadcasting.

Among other technologies, Óscar Lago described what the 4K - HDR production consists of, the 'Tactical Chamber' (which allows the game to be followed and offer a tactical plan live to the team 's analysts), the' Skycam '(top camera located at 21 meters of height of the playing field, allowing the viewer to enjoy a spectacular perspective of the game and the stadium), in addition to the 'Inter True View', which uses the technology of 360º recreating 3D repetitions of any play and with a unique perspective from any angle of the playing field.

In addition, LaLiga is the only national competition in the world that uses the innovative technology of live '3D graphics', which allows to generate virtual graphics in live broadcasts, in addition to experimenting with Virtual Reality (VR) technology.