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Valencia CF vs Celtic

Feb, 21 / 18:55 Matchday 8

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
October, 06 2018

Marcelino: “We want to be competitive and get the win versus Barça”

Marcelino García Toral previewed Valencia CF –FC Barcelona in pre-match press conference. The game will take place in Mestalla at 20:45 kick-off time on matchday 8 of LaLiga Santander

“I always want to win the next match, it’s an important match between two big teams and winning versus FC Barcelona would be an important step for us”, said Marcelino.

When asked about Messi, he said: ”He’s a difficult footballer to play against and we’ll try to stop him through defensive support and being able to prevent him from taking part as much as possible”.

“I think we are going to need the fans’support but the players are already motivated by the importance of match”, said Marcelino.

"It's very difficult to assess where we are at, but we have room to improve," said Marcelino."The team has been improving and keep improving, I haven't seen the team as bad, vulnerable, apathetic or slow, never, and they’ve never looked like that.

"We’re only lacking continuity with how we want to play in these games, I feel that we could have won in many of them, we’re more compact and solid now and have players back and others that have found shape,” said Marcelino.

We’re expecting the same Barça of the day versus Tottenham, that’s what we had in mind, but we want to be competitive and get the win versus Barça”, said Marcelino.