Valencia CF Legends vs Spanish Selection Legends

Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
October, 20 2018

Carlos Soler’s wish: "For Valencia CF to win a championship in the Centenary year"

Carlos Soler is one of the main protagonists of the latest issue of the magazine 'Panenka', in which the young international midfielder says that from a very young age he felt the colours the club. He was always a fan and asked for subcription passes until he was 15 years old. He recalls the sad semifinal of Europa League against Sevilla, where he received the team with chants as any other fan.

He doesn’t want to be compared to Mendieta nor Baraja. He has always felt the passion for football and was surprised to make his debut in Anoeta in a complicated moment for the club. Carlos highlights that he feels better everyday in the side midfielder position and hopes to get the chance to throw the direct kicks. He learns everyday from veterans like Parejo, Kondogbia and Coquelin and keeps great memories from the coaches who he’s worked with throughout his career.

About Marcelino he emphasizes his maximum demand and that he is helping him to grow a better soccer player. Regarding his favorite soccer style, the backlash over the 'tiki-taka' stands out. He does not go crazy with being able to make it into the Spanish national team, as he prefers to burn stages with patience. Now he has a special position with the Under 21, with. At the end, they ask him for a wish for their club in this special season and Carlos Soler said: "Valencia CF returning to be champion in this Centenary year".