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Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

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October, 23 2018

Ferran Torres: “I’m 18 so it’s very nice to travel to play a Champions League match”

The local player is off with the squad to play Champions at 18 years of age, a step in his progression to the elite


At 18, Ferran Torres has the opportunity to debut in the European competition. His progression is exciting, but he has his feet on the ground because with work and humility he knows that it is the only way to achieve things. The only goal in mind is winning versus BSC Young Boys, as he acknowledges in an interview with VCF MEDIA.

It is his first trip in Champions, without a doubt a very special one.

Yes, I’m only 18 so it is nice to travel to a Champions League match and we will work to get the victory.

How have you lived your last year to get here?

It has been a magical year in terms of things happening so fast, but I am calm, with my feet on the ground and working to continue here.

Although the desired results have not been achieved, the group breathes peace because it works well.

Yes, we know that we are playing good football, it is true that we are not sharp in front of the goal like last year, but thanks to the game we are doing the goals will come.

Is winning the BSC Young Boys important to depend on yourselves and nobody else?

It is important to get the victory, we will work for it because we want to stay in Champions League.

Does synthetic turf really hurt?

Those are external factors, but we are going to play our football, we are here for the three points.

There is a very good atmosphere in the group...

That’s very importnat for the every club, if you don’t get along outside the field it will show inside the pitch.

Why are they afraid of you in Switzerland?

I came with the Spain’s national team, I scored three goals in three matches with the U19 and I was very happy.