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Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
October, 31 2018

Alex Blanco: “Making my debut was like a dream come true to me“

Aléx Blanco made his first-team debut at 19 years of age versus CD Ebro and he turned that aim into his biggest strength to go through the bad times. He absorbed football since he was little. His dad "Tito" got into professional football.

Both Aléx and his brother Victor used to be kicking a ball at home all the time. He also remembers going down to the tunnel to stay close to the players he used to watch on TV and look up to like Iniesta. He also looked at players like Silva, Robinho, Ronaldinho o Neymar.

“Making my Valencia CF debut was a dream come true because all the hard work has borne fruit and I’ve got to keep on working and going forward. I won’t settle for my debut”, said Alex Blanco.

He has got his debut jersey with the number 30 safely kept in a special place.