Sevilla vs Valencia CF

Mar, 31 / 16:15 Matchday 29

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
November, 07 2018

Mateu Alemany: “The fans showed they want to keep helping the team”

The fans enjoyed the first victory of Valencia CF at Mestalla, cheering strongly from the beginning to the end


Mestalla returned to roar with force, demonstrating that we are here and want more Champions. Since the players jumped into the pitch they did not stop pushing, they transmitted a lot of energy and played a key role in the win. The almost 36,500 souls that gathered together gave it their all and the fans thanked them with a final standing ovation.

Before the meeting, the General Director Mateu Alemany, had no doubts about what was going to happen and said so in Movistar +: "The fans show that they want to help the team win, this has been the case since the season began. The players show that they give everything, they want it and they go for it. Surely it will always be like this. "And that's how it was, achieving the first victory of the season at Mestalla allows Valencia CF to continue depending on themselves to be in the UEFA Champions League round of 16.