Valencia CF vs Espanyol

Feb, 17 / 16:15 Matchday 24

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
November, 13 2018

"The will to make it through", the Official Book of the Centenary of Valencia CF

"The will to make it through", the first of the two official books that Valencia CF promotes in commemoration of its centenary.

''This work reflects the history of the club and what a football club is about: emotion, passion and feeling. Un sentiment etern'', explained the Director of Communication of Valencia CF, Alex Navarro.

The president, Anil Murthy, gave a very emotional message, remembering that he did not have fans of Valencia CF in the family. ''Now my children and my nephews have a peña of 40 members of Valencia CF in Singapore, who watch the games at the early morning. I want to teach the values ​​of the VCF. It is a privilege to preside over this important and historic institution. I think it's a mistake not to learn from its history, because Valencia CF is what it is because of its history, a club with global ambitions that looks back on its roots, learning from successes and mistakes.

What is our challenge for the future?

All together we have to strengthen our local identity, this club has a very clear culture and we want that when people from all over the world talk about Valencia CF they know what this club is with 100 years of history. We are going to live both good  and difficult years, but all together".

CaixaBank, in this special season, has become the main sponsor of the Centenary of the Club. The book is already on sale in Spanish, and will soon be published in both Valencian and English.

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