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Mar, 24 / 18:00 Matchday

Actualidad del Valencia C.F.
November, 17 2018

Rubén Uría: "We are convinced that, together, we will among the first’’

The second coach of Valencia CF attends VCF MEDIA. The team, after two consecutive wins, has in mind to add the 3 points against Rayo Vallecano next Saturday in Mestalla.

''We have the feeling that we are working well, in the correct line and that there is an imbalance of the defensive effectiveness with the offensive, which does not mean that only the strikers fail. All our work is based on the group''

Are you convinced that at the end of the season, VCF will be among the first?

Yes, we are fully convinced that, with the help of the club, the players and the fans, all together, we will be among the first teams.

Only one LaLiga team has conceded fewer goals than VCF

We think that by conceding few goals, in the end, we will be among the first because we believe that our offensive potential is far below currently what these players have really shown in previous seasons.

Last season the four strikers averaged 18 goals on average each, is it a guarantee?

Yes, like Guedes and Carlos Soler, as they are growing and at the end of the season we will see the change.

Has Carlos Soler surprised you?

Not especially, because we already knew the  potential he has and currently he continues to grow.

How do you value the unconditional support of the fans?

Valencia CF fans are centenarians, they have seen titles, great players, coaches, and they are demanding. We are the first ones that we are not comfortable with that situation, but they have recognized that the team has wanted to win. We will always be grateful to both the club and the fans for the treatment received since we arrived here and they will be an important part of the team going up.

In the last three games they have not made any changes, what was the goal?

We thought that it was the best option. Everyone on the team is important and those who have fewer minutes are going to be important in the future.